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Jeremy Gignoux's first album

With the Acoustic Ensemble

À propos du projet

I am a violinist and composer and lead a small ensemble (with two guitars and double bass). My inspirations are traditional musics, jazz and other improvised genres. After a couple years of playing shows, and polishing original tunes, I have recorded an album with the band. The tunes recorded are all originals, with a couple never heard by an audience.

The incomparable Wayne Garrett, Nathan M. Godfrey and Jason Valleau came to OCL to record with me. 

Now that the recording is done, I still need to get it mixed, mastered, duplicated, decorated. And for this I need your help!

As you can probably tell, the video was made before going in the studio, as I got too busy preparing for the recording to work on this page! Now that some bills are coming in, I got much more efficient.

Here is a taste of a tune of the album:

Here are some demos of songs to be featured on the album:


À quoi va servir le financement ?

I set a reasonable goal, expecting to fund most of the project myself (or finger-crossed to get a grant), but for the best results the budget would look something like this:

Studio time: $600

Musicians: $3,750

Mixing: $600-$1,200

Mastering: $900

Art cover/design: $500-700

Plus printing, etc.

So, any donation above the $1,200 mark is greatly appreciated!

À propos du porteur de projet

Nathan and Wayne have been playing in this project since the beginning. Their inclination for ragtime has inspired some of the tunes.


I only have had the pleasure of having Jason play my music a handful of times, and it's always been a treat. I'm really grateful to have him on the album. (Picture by the Nickelodeon Music Club)


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