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Worldwide Haxe Conference 2015

À propos du projet

The 4 day conference will take place in Paris from May 29th May to 1st June 2015. It will be hosted by Mozilla Paris, in a magnificent and historic building, offering a perfect place to host the Haxe community in downtown Paris!

We hope to see you there!


Mozilla Paris

16 Bis Boulevard Montmartre

Paris 75009

About this project

The World Wide Haxe conference has been around for 5 years. We love Haxe and we want to federate the Haxe community even further by hosting this Haxeptional event at Mozilla, Paris. We invite Haxe developers from any place and of all skill levels to come learn, network, and contribute together.

The purpose of this crowdfunding is to generate interest in the event, expand communication, attract sponsors and raise some funds to cover the balance of the event's costs which can’t be shouldered by Silex Labs alone anymore.

Have a look at the Sponsorship section below if you or your company are interested in sponsoring the conference.

As our partnership with Mozilla includes that the tickets for the conference should be free, we will start the ticket reservation once the first goal is achieved. All the backers will have pre-reserved seats.

Whether or not you become a backer, you should still make sure to:

What is Haxe

The Haxe Toolkit is like the Swiss army knife for programming. A compact, lightweight solution for an extremely broad range of problems.

Applied correctly, the tools will allow you to cross barriers between platforms, programming languages and devices. You will be able to construct one solution that works across all your targets.

Whether you want to deliver a game or app to multiple platforms, target different devices or consoles or write a backend for a web page  – with Haxe, you can do all of these things and more. Haxe has successfully been used for game development, web development, interface and UI development as well as art installations and maker projects run with Arduinos or Raspberry Pies. There is hardly anything you can’t do with Haxe.

If this looks like something you could get into, you’re lucky! The World Wide Haxe Conference 2015 is not far away and we’ll be happy to have you there and help you get started.

WWX2015’s objectives

The objectives of the WWX2015 are to improve the cooperation between members of the Haxe community and to promote and disseminate knowledge about this language by:

– Allowing developers and designers from around the world (10 countries represented) to meet and to present their experiences and discuss their challenges and successes  in order to improve this language;

– Reaching a wide audience through the live broadcast on the Internet and through the online videos on our YouTube channel.

– Providing the opportunity to meet and network with community members from around the world: developers, designers, project managers, integrators, business leaders and students.

More infos on our website!


Since 2012 an average of one hundred participants has been attending WWX and more than 1,000 people followed the live video broadcast each year.The videos from the 4 editions total more than 30,000 views on our YouTube channel.

You'll find below videos pictures and infos about the previous WWX.


WWX2013 :

WWX2012 : 

À quoi va servir le financement ?

Why We Need Money?

Silex Labs is a non profit association in charge of the organization of the WWX since 2012. As you can imagine, the organization of this event costs time and money to plan, find sponsors and logistic support, release the communication’s support and of course for the food, coffee and the party on saturday night. Even if the volunteers of Silex Labs play an active role in it,the work of the Silex Labs employee is needed to take care of the global organization. Even without counting the employee’s work, Silex Labs has lost some money by organizing this event last year, so it was important for us to find a different way to fund this event that we love to organize.

We decided to use crowdfunding to cover the various costs involved in hosting this conference. The bigger the budget, the more we can do.

This not-profit event will cost between 5,000 and 15,000€ to produce, so we need help to make this conference successful.Here is a list of just some of the expenses incurred to make this event happen.

  • Finding the Conference venue took us a lot of time and effort but now we got it ;)
  • Catered lunches, snacks, and beverages
  • After hours social events including drinks, food, and entertainment
  • Flyers, schedules, stickers, t-shirts, videos, etc.
  • Conference branding and promotion
  • Finding sponsors and partners

And now we need you!!

Why is the first Goal so Small?

We are keeping the funding goal of this crowdfunding low, because:

We decided to set the minimal goal to organize the conference as low as possible in order to be virtually sure to be able to achieve this goal and to organize the conference

With that in mind, we encourage you to continue to contribute to our crowdfunding even after our initial funding goal is met, because all the extras (open bar saturday night party, sunday brunch, welcome aperitif, production of speeches videos after the conference) are not included in this first goal.

Risks and challenges

1. Not achieving the minimal goal – We already have contacts at several companies that are all potential sponsors for this event. We priced the sponsorship levels in a way that they should be attractive to sponsors and provide a lot of value. We are confident that we can achieve this goal with the sponsorship.

2.  Unforeseen event costs. – As we are organizing this conference for the fourth time, we are totally aware of the costs.

3.  Raising too much money. – It's possible, though improbable, that too much money will be raised. If this is the case, we will use the the extra money to improve various parts of the event (e.g., more food choices, better quality goodies and communication materials etc.).


>5 000€: conference + private party

>10 000€: welcome aperitif + sunday brunch + open bar saturday night party

>15 000€: + we put the videos online (implies better recording and video editing, better food and more goodies)

À propos du porteur de projet

What is Silex Labs?

Silex Labs is a non profit organization and in charge of this conference for the fourth consecutive year.

Silex Labs is dedicated to helping open source communities. Our main objective is to share, sustain and expand free and open source projects.


  • We organize workshops, contributhons, conferences and after-work meet-ups about open source projects languages and methodologies.
  • We are heavily involved in the creation and the development of free and open source projects.


  • We believe that contributions and events can change everyone’s life :
  • By creating the best tools available on the internet and keeping them free.
  • By giving people a better understanding of the new technologies and how to use them.

Our goals

  • Share our inspiration with everyone and teach our knowledge.
  • Help people take control over their digital and professional lives.
  • Contribute for a free and better World Wide Web.
  • Build human networks and inspire people.

If you want to change the world, contribute and show others how good it is to contribute. We are hiring the best volunteers who want to share opinions, knowledge, good time