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Warblade MK II

The next adventure in the Warblade saga!

À propos du projet



A big thank  you to everyone that has donated to this project!

Now my work starts for real.  Prizes will be sent out as soon as they are finished and I receive them. Paintings is my work, so I have a little bit of work to do now :-)

Thank you again!!

Edgar M Vigdal


Update !  Some old aliens graphics redone for Warblade MK II

Redone Aliens

All the old Warblade I levels and aliens will be included in Warblade MK II. All with superbly redone graphics!

Stretch Goal #3 - COMPLETED!!!

With 2 days to go.

Can we manage to double the funds?

With the second stretch goal of $12000 reached, could we now manage 200% funding? It would make it possible to get a Windows Phone 8 test device  and maybe a Android tablet to test the game on. More funds could also be spent on more graphics assets.

We could also get a lot closer to a possible XBox developer license!  Warblade MK II on the XBox live arcade would be so cool.

Stretch Goal #2 - COMPLETED!!

Can we reach my original goal of $12000?

When I first set up this crowd funding page my original goal was $12000. That would leave a bigger cut for the graphics, music and sound effects parts. But as Ulule has a rule that you must fund the project to 100% to get any of the funds, I lowered my funding level a bit just in case we could not reach that $12000 goal.

So can we now try to reach my original goal of $12000 in the next 30 days? If you want me to be able to get more amazing art work, more music and better sound effects for the game, please share this project with all your friends on facebook and twitter.  Remember you can still get some of the cool prizes, with your ideas for secrets, bonuses and locks or name inside the game.

Stretch Goal #1 - COMPLETED!

Can we reach $9250 ?  That would make it possible to create the game for the Windows phone 8 platform too! Unity demoed games created with Unity 4 on the Windows Phone 8 event that was held just a few days ago. The games was running very smooth on the phones. A normal Pro licence for Unity is $1250, so the Windows Phone 8 Pro license will most probably also be that amount. So please keep on funding the project if you want the game on the Windows Phone 8 platform. Tell all your friends, post on facebook and twitter!

News and Updates

Warblade MK II have reached 100% in just a week !! That is simply amazing! So a BIG thank you to all that supported the project.

About the Warblade MK II and some history

Warblade MK II is a new game based on my award winning game Warblade. Warblade is a classic shoot'em up game "based" on the old arcade game Galaga. The game has lots and lots of extra features, bonuses, secrets, locks, achievements and... the list goes on and on. To finish the game with the highest rank possible you would have to invest many months of dedicated play! Warblade has been around on PC and Mac for many many years now (more recently it's also been made available on iPhone and iPad) and has become very popular. Warblade is a "sort of" extended PC/Mac version of a game I made for the Amiga computer back in the late 80's. That game was called Deluxe Galaga and was one of only 2 shareware games voted into the top 100 list of best Amiga games of all time by Amiga Power magazine towards the end of the Amigas life. All the other games on the list were commercial games from big publishing houses. The other shareware game in the list, Deluxe PacMan, was also made by me.

Amiga Top 100

My goal with Warblade MK II is to make a much better game than Warblade ever was (even though some users claim it's the best game ever already...) It will have a built in level editor and a community server where you will be able to upload your user created levels and download levels from other users. The same goes for level packs from either other users or myself. Levels and level packs will be possible to rate too. I am close to finished with the inbuilt editor and it is far more advanced than my old private editor ever was. Lots and lots of options allow you to quickly and easily make complex alien waves, level designs and full level packs. The game will basically have more of everything and hopefully be even more fun to play!

How is Warblade MK II made

The game is made with the Unity 3D game engine and will support PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets and hopefully also Linux (When Unity includes this in Unity 4). Using Unity 3D as the game engine makes the development much easier and faster (I got a prototype of the game up and running in 2 days!)


Why crowd funding ?

I really want Warblade MK II to look and sound as good as possible, so I need help with new graphics, music and sound effects. And good graphic artists and musicians are not cheap to hire! I hope crowd funding can help me a long way to achieve these goals! I also need as much input and feedback from as many game loving people as possible. That way I can make the game with lots of new features, bonuses, secrets and other "ideas" to make the game with the highest quality, great playability and be very addictive and fun!

About the prizes

Personal Data Capsule : This is a game object that will be spread out across space and when a player collects it it will show the info stored inside the capsule. This will be a photo of you, some info about you and a message from you. I can also put in links to webpages, facebook pages or other links.  This will be like a time capsule stored inside the game for players to find and collect over the time to come.

Information in each capsule could be something like this : "Data Capsule 10548 - Lieutenant Simon Quincey, gave honorably to the Warblade cause earning Gold status among his peers"

And the story of the capsules : "Back when the Warblade federation was being created, many fledgling pilots helped push the cause forward, working tirelessly and even supplying credits to provide Earth with the defenses it needed for the future generations. In honour of those men and women, around 200 years ago, many Personal Data Capsule were created and sent out into deep space as a sign of respect. Each one holding the data sheet for one man or woman who stood above the rest, without who's help, we may not be here now.

- Get your own bonus, weapon or lock idea added to the game : With this prize we will try to add in a game feature, a bonus, a secret, a new weapon or a new profile lock. This must be something that can be easily added, not something seriously game changing or something that will take me half a year to add to the game.

- Warblade logo badge miniature figurine :  This will be a custom made 3D printed figurine, that I will hand paint and make it look like a real version of the logo/badge inside the game. This will be very exclusive and only available through this fundraising!

- Warblade oil painting :  This will be an original hand painted oil painting made by me (Edgar Vigdal). I have not quite decided on the size of the painting, but 20x30 cm could be an OK size for this. Also a bit easier to get it safely through the mail.  This will be extremely exclusive and each painting will be numbered and signed and only available through this fundraising!

À quoi va servir le financement ?

Some of the funds will be used to upgrade my current version of Unity 3D (3.5.5) to version 4 which will be released soon. Some will be used to add in licenses for iOS and Android creation to Unity 3D. I do not have an Android device for game testing at the moment, so some of the funds will go to buying an Android phone or an Android based tablet. The rest will go towards getting new graphics for all new aliens in the game. The other graphics for the game will also have to be bought in to keep everything in one style. And finally all new music and sound effects will have to be bought and added in too.

New Alien Graphics

Aliens work in progress
New weapons
NOTE : Not final versions. Work in progress!

À propos du porteur de projet

Edgar Vigdal

I am Edgar Vigdal the creator of Warblade MK II : I started out learning to program in BASIC on the ZX81 and VIC20 back in the very early 80's. I then figured out assembler programming on the CBM64 and Amiga and made some shareware programs, games and demos. In the 90's I got a PC and soon learned C, Pascal, Delphi and other programming languages.

In 2008 I started my own game developing company, EMV Software and made games for PC/Mac and iOS devices. Many of my games have been on game portals too in the past (like BigFish or Reflexive Arcade), reviewed in magazines, included on cover dvd's and featured in local, national and international newspapers.

My webpages are and (main site showcasing all my released games so far)

Here is a link to a YouTube video of the editor in Warblade MK II (Very early version)

Warblade MK II Editor

Here is a video of the old Warblade game running on a iCade arcade controller.

Warblade HD on iCade


  • What is this strange PayPal payment handling?

     When using PayPal, the money you donate/pledge is held by PayPal until the project is finished. That will say that the project you support is 100% or more funded when the time limit is passed. Until then you can cancel your donation and get your money back on your PayPal account. No fees are taken for doing this.

    If you still supports the project then you do nothing and the funds collected is transferred  to project starter's PayPal account with PayPal's and Ulule's fee taken from the total amount. 

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