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It is an online sharing economy platform that aims to facilitate the renta and second hand sale of objects for children and babies between

À propos du projet

Wallyboo is an online platform designed for parents, which facilitates the second-hand sales and rentals of children and baby´s items between individuals, between families. The rental activity is the most innovative part of the project. We want to give a second life to those items that your children no longer use!  

So, moms and dads, we want to make a little easier your daily life, facilitating:

  • That you can sell or rent to other parents all those things that your children no longer use so that you can earn a little extra money to buy other new things! because we know that many things are used for a very short time and they stay practically new.
  • That you can buy all the baby gear and things for your children in a cheaper way within a second-hand market and maybe renting some of those things. Because we know you need SOOOO MAAAANY things over the years ...
  • That those parents who love traveling can do it comfortably and lightly with their kids, renting everything they need on their holiday destination to other families living there. Without having to carry everything in the car, the train or on the plane, avoiding any risk of damaged strollers by taking it on the plane or getting it lost at the airport and avoiding any stress about "can I check this in?" or "How am I going to feed the child in the apartment without a highchair?"

  • That you, parents who are tired of this throwaway culture and exorbitant consumerism related to babies and children´s items, giCAN GIVE A SECOND (AND THIRD AND FOURTH) LIFE to those objects! and at the same time you help other families.

In short, we would like to create a big family network, a specialized #WallyLovers parent community that uses the platform for the exchange of those items.

It is very simple! There are two figures:

1- Those parents who have more than enough things, with full storage rooms and closets with items that their children no longer use and that they want to take advantage of renting or selling them to other families.

2- The parents who need something for their babies or children in a more economical way. They can buy cheaper second hand items or rent any thing they need for their family vacations or getaways.

The steps are very simple in both cases, you can find a more detailed explanation in Wallyboo´s help section.

With your support we would like to get funding to reach more people, more families, more hotels, more apartments, in short, we would like many people to become #WallyLovers! Of course, in return, we have created and designed with a lot of careour EXCLUSIVE rewards that you can get through your contributions. Here are some details!

The photo album will be designed with care by Merche, our graphic designer and "PhotographyLover" who makes very cool albums! You send us the photos you want to use for the album (about 47) and she takes care of the rest ... You relax at home until the bell rings and your photo book arrives (size: 15 x 10 cm / covers: hard / paper: couché 190 gr, gloss varnish / binding: sewn).

We have an agreement with Mammaproof, because we are very fans of their project, and thanks to it, we can offer you their fantastic city guides with the best places to go with your kids in Madrid and Barcelona. A 100% guide made by families, for families!

We tell you a little more about becoming "AMBASSADOR OF WALLYBOO". You can choose between:

1- OWNER AMBASSADOR · We will apply 10% (instead of 20%) in the service fee of all the rentals of your items. Forever!

2-USER AMBASSADOR · We discount a 5% discount on all the items you buy or rent to other users. Forever!

A quoi va servir le financement ?

With this funding you help us to achieve two key objectives:

1- First, to improve the user experience when using the platform, because the satisfaction of our users is key for us! And also, we'd love to know your opinion about what features you'd like the platform to have!

2- And secondly, we want to ensure that the exchanges of these items are done locally, because:

  • We want you to be able to rent directly in the place where you travel with your kids.
  • We want you to be able to see, examine, test in person, the stroller, or the second-hand highchair you buy.
  • We want to foster this contact between people, between families, which in the end gives meaning to the sharing economy.

In short, we want you, parents, to find what your children need,where they need it (as close as possible). And for that, you have to reach many people in many places. And that requires many communication and diffusion actions, both in the online and offline world.

So, with the OBJECTIVE OF € 9,000, the funding would be destined to the following:

  • Develop and implement improvements in the current platform to optimize the user experience.
  • Launch communication and digital marketing campaigns to reach many more #WallyLovers.

So IF WE REACHED € 12,000, we would use the additional € 3,000 to carry out a specific communication campaign directed to tour operators (hotels, tourist apartments, rural accommodation) so that we can reach more foreign or national tourists traveling to Spain so that #WallyLovers can increase their items rentals!

À propos du porteur de projet

Hi! We would like, in this corner of Ulule, we introduce ourselves so that you can get to know us a little better. We are two moms, entrepreneurs, and passionate about children and travel but we hate to accumulate junk at home without giving them any use and also, we hate carrying millions things when we travel with our kids on vacation. So, one day we decided to put aside our work and start this common adventure, which wants to solve precisely those mentioned troubles!

The idea arose as a result of a trip that Elisa wanted to make with her two little ones of 4 months and 2 years old to Lanzarote, by plane and without the help of her husband. Suddenly, she visualized herself with two babies, the carrycot for the baby, the stroller and the suitcases at the security control and on the plane ... How was she going to do it?

Then she started thinking ... How great would it be to rent all that the baby normally needs to other parents who live in the place of destination? Things that, in many cases, are kept in some storage room because of the children no longer use them. 

So, after taking Merche as an ally in her adventure (who absolutely loved the idea!), They started to work ... and bit by bit, their loved project was born to become one of the family!

Elisa is the CEO ... With her past in the field of consulting, managing projects, she organizes, plans, manages and controls everything so that Wallyboo can grow. It is the personal image and voice of the project!

Merche is the Creative Director, as a graphic designer, she has created the entire brand image of the project ... the corporate image design, web design, etc. She is the one responsible for all the nice things you see on the web and social networks!

We have a BLOG! Yes! where we share our experience as mothers and entrepreneurs, and also give useful information about the platform. So we write articles related to parenting, childcare, travel with children, conciliation, entrepreneurship ...

who talks about WALLYBOO?

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Dear #WallyLover! If you have any questions about Wallyboo, contact us, we will be happy to help you. You can also join our community on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where we share a lot of interesting things. Come on! We will wait for you!

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And you know! If you travel with your kids and want to rent a stroller, a travel cot, a highchair, some toys, a bike ... whatever you want! Enter Wallyboo´s search engine and you will see how easy and comfortable you will travel without worrying about anything other than enjoying with your little ones.

We would love to receive your message at [email protected]