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Meet like-minded people, make change happen!

  • We did it ! 107% funded thanks to each of YOU !

    Dear supporters, dear friends,

    Thanks to your commitment we achieved, and even went beyond, our target for this crowdfunding campaign of Platform by Stand Up for Europe! 

    It has now already been a month since the end of the campaign as it takes a little bit of time for Ulule to validate the donations from various sources. However, don't worry, we have certainly not forgotten about your help and support and we will be ready with a first beta version of the platform very soon! 

    We have also matched the contributors with their respective rewards and they will be shipped to your address by the end of the month, don't hesitate to take a picture with your flag or other reward and to send it to us!

    As you know, we have our Annual Convetion during this weekend and we hope to see as many of you as possible in Munch or to discuss with you online!

    Have a great start of November and thank you again for your support :D

    Romain & Team

  • 5 days to go, 86% achieved - With your help, we can do it!

    Dear European enthusiasts, 

    Since the previous news, only a couple days ago, we had a tremendous positive return and we are now at 86% of the total amount ! This is thanks to YOU and we are more convinced  than ever that, with your support, we can reach our target... or even go beyond! 

    See below our last updates for this campaign as we have been quite prolific over the weekend.

    • Watch our new video explaining the main features of the platform from Stand Up's Vice President and initiator of the Platform back at the 'Open Democracy Now' 2016 Hackaton !
    • Join our online closing event with a Facebook Live Q&A Sessionon Friday 29/09 at 18h30 to ask any question you might still have and to prepare for the next steps altogether. 
    • The campaign on Ulule is now also available in French, Italian and German to spread the news even further in your local cities and towns. 
    • Again, we now at 86% of the total amount but we have only 5 days to go to make the campaign successful ! And as this is the rule of crowdfunding campaigns, we MUST reach 100% otherwise we get nothing...

    To make this project a reality, WE STILL NEED YOU, so please continue to share this campaign around you and continue to support us with small-to-large financial contributions: Click here to support us!

    As you know, the platform will be free and open to all citizens and we welcome partnerships with other organisations, in addition to Stand Up for Europe, to work together on this innovative project. So, don't hesitate to get back to us if you have any questions or comments on this initiative, we are already available to meet, debate and act together for a better Europe!

    Thank you very much in advance,

    Romain & Team

  • 10 Days to Make YOUR Platform Come True !

    Dear supporters, dear friends, 

    We are gathering more and more support with now 57 individual contributors who donated from 5 to 200€ ! 

    We are not done yet but the GOOD NEWS is that most contributions always come towards the end and we still have 10 days to work together to make it come true by reaching to friends, colleagues, family and acquantainces who might find this project interesting and would be happy to use the platform as soon as it is ready!

    To get closer to our followers, we are also planning a Facebook Live Stream with a Q&A session next week to discuss the platform and answer any questions you or your entourage might have regarding our project!  We will keep you posted very soon on the specific time and date...

    Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, we are here FOR YOU !

    The Platform's team

    PS: here is a nice and funny fan art created by supporters from Lyon, thank you Dimitri :D

  • Watch and Share our New Video to Become an Ambassador!

    Dear supporters, 

    Our great design team has created this short vidéo below to promote our platform even better and further ! Don't hesitate to use it and share it with your contacts so that they can join us in this great adventure of

    We would also like to thank our 33 supporters who contributed so far and we are very motivated to continue to grow together with YOU:

    • If you have already donated, become one of our Ambassadors by spreading the word and this video with a personalized message to those who might be interested;
    • If you have 'liked us' on social media, don't hesitate to contribute with what you have: time, money, network, good ideas for us... We welcome all kind of contributions :) 

    Thank you very much to all.

    The Platform's team

    PS: If needed, here are the links to the GIF and Vidéos oon Google Drive and Youtube: rectangle GIFsquare GIFvideoYoutube video with sound.

  • We reached 1,000€, let's keep going !

    Great news, our crowdfunding campaign has reach a first step of 1.000€ !

    We are going in the right direction but we still need all of YOU to make this project come true... You will also be happy to know that we have a nice and short video coming up to spread the word even further. 

    Let's build a great platform together! 


    The Platform's team :)