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The Perfume Culture

A book inspired by Grasse, the World Capital of Perfume

  • It's a wrap! 30 days ended. Check our latest UPDATE!

    Dear friends and supporters,

    We hope that you are doing great.

    It's time to announce that we finally terminated our Ulule campaign last night on 1 October. One month = 30 days, but to us, the campaign was just like starting from yesterday. The time has passed so quick, indeed.

    First of all, we would like to thank all of you for taking the time to encourage and support us in this campaign. We know that you have believed in us and positively expected to the success of "The Perfume Culture", like all members of our team. Your supports are our motivation and reasons to continue.

    Through this announce, we are going to share you a brief of our Ulule campaign's result, our situation, solution and upcoming plan. We hope that you can review our project in a larger picture.

    1. Ulule Campaign's Summary - What we have achieved. 

    2. Self-examination - Why didn't we reach our objective?

    We have cognised some following issues that led to the unexpected result:

    • Timing: Unfortunately, the hygienic and economic crisis of 2020 partly affected us in terms of personal life as well as the performance of this project.
    • Lack of preparation: We had put pressure to launch our campaign earlier than it should be. The duration of 3 months from developing our concept to originate a product is not enough. As a result, we lacked communication with the public. 
    • The conflict in targeting community: We write our book in English, but target the French society, meanwhile many supporters are Vietnam-based.

      3. Solution - What are we going to do to correct our mistake?

    If you are questioning: "Will the book The Perfume Culture still be published"?

    We answer you with confident: "Yes, yes, and yes."

    Since we didn't attain our objective of €3000, according to Ulule's rule, you are going to receive your refund that you have already contributed to our project. Please verify your bank account in a few days to be sure and let us know if you do not get it back. 

    So, how can we still publish our book?

    We continue improving and adding new value to our book "The Perfume Culture". We will relaunch a new campaign next year with a well-prepared plan. Stay tuned! 

    We also consider doing a dual-language book that can give access to more readers in our targeting community.

    4. Our plan, what's coming soon?

    Our preparation for "The Perfume Culture Foundation" :

    We are developing the concept of fragrance discovery courses and book club for children next year by working directly with our partners from Grasse. 

    Continue following our project; we keep you updated soon.

    5. Your feedback:

    We have to admit that we did not reach out objective due to many reasons. Therefore, we would kindly ask your opinions to help us improved.

    We need to understand our weakness and see how can we do better in the next campaign.

    Your reviews and advice are so important to us.

    We can't wait to hear it from you.

    [You are going to receive a questionnaire survey's link to give us feedback, so please be patient.

    If you would like to talk to us directly, send us a message via The Perfume Culture FB, Instagram or via email address: [email protected] ]

    Last words, remember that we will never stop until we complete our mission.

    Believe us and stay updated for the upcoming news!

    - From My Đào

  • Ting ting! 1/3 Objective has obtained. So, what's Next?

    Hello everyone,

    It's been two weeks since our team has launched this project on Ulule. So what happened during this period?

    Get our UPDATES here!

    (1)New VIDEOS on Youtube: 

    We have recently published new interview videos with our partner, Passion Nez. Check our exciting content here:

    (2) Our Crowdfunding Campaign's Status:

    Until now, I am happy to announce that we have recently reached almost 1/3 of our goal. It's such a good start, even though our objective €3000 is still far away! We continue looking for supports from you all, so please share our project with your groups of friends. By continuing spreading this project, you are indirectly helping us in achieving our goal. 

    (3) What's Next? 

    During this month, more videos sharing experiences from the Perfume Production will come out.

    Follow our Youtube channel The Perfume Culture and wait for that awaiting part! 

    We are also preparing for our next project associated with The Perfume Culture Foundation. An English book club for children can be established or not? You all definitely play the most important role to bring this project to life.

    Thanks all again for your trust and support. 

    We will try our best and keep working hard on this project.

    Stay with us, and wait for our next updates!

    My Đào

    - From The Perfume Culture Team.