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The Perfume Culture

A book inspired by Grasse, the World Capital of Perfume

À propos du projet

Format 15Omm The X 190 mm perfume Culture Recycled paper 50g/m2 Certificated Imprim'Vert) pages Written by My Dao - Illustrated by Leo Yamada

Our book "The Perfume Culture"  is a mixture of a culture book and a coffee-table book dedicated to fragrances enthusiasts and individuals who fancy the Art of Perfume. It is creative, unique, and accessible.

Through a series of eye-catching photos, excellent art illustrations, and content evaluated by experts in the field, "The Perfume Culture" book is hoped to bring readers to fall in love with Grasse and the culture "know-how" of perfumery from the World Capital of Perfume since centuries.

Chapter II: Chapter Grasse: The The World History Capita of of D Perfume per perfume fume what is the book alout? 4 Chapters O Chapter IV: Chapter erfume Fragrance Education Emotion *Our content is evaluated by experts in the field

A BOOK WITH SUBLImE IMAGES, AND. The charm of Grasse and its surroundings is exposed through a series of authentic and cinematic photos.



Key Milestones 2020 June mid-July August September Oetoen Novemben Form The Our film Our Crowdfunding Production Products Pert fume shooting in prepare-to- Campaign Process Delivery Culture Grasse & launch (Estimated) Team Valensole process

Partners TOURISME Passionnez pays Grasse COTE dAZUR

À quoi va servir le financement ?

Project Most Ulule Commission 8% TPC Foundation Trip to Grasse & Valensole 23.0% Crowdfunding Campaign 13.9% Production & Products Delivery 48.9%

Why do we ask fon public support? Help us to launching our film of Grasse and collecting reliable info for our book. Print then deliver directly our products to your adresse. Organise and promote our Crowdfunding Campaign via different channels. Contribute to The Perfume Culture FOUNDATION Maintain our administrative activities related to Website, Email, etc. ulule Commission.

The Perfume Culture Foundation WHAT IS IT FOR? Organizing English book club & fragrance discovery course for children. Our purpose is to spreading the reading culture to the community, especially to kids and inspiring them by learning about scents. CAN WE DO? Each book ordered from our ULULE campaign contributes to our foundation. 100% objective: contributed/ book 200% objective: contributed/ book 300% objective: E2 contributed/ book Please help us bring this next projects into real life!

À propos du porteur de projet

who stay behind The Perfume Culture?

On Inspination We are a team of young professionals having lived in France for several years France is a fountainhead of inspiration inherited not only from its ancestors but also from Mother Nature. Our special admiration for its beauty, the richness of culture in general and fragrances in particular, has motivated us to create a project named "The Perfume Culture" This book is the first part of our long-term plan. We believe that this project brings us one of the most precious experiences in France and further creates a community of perfume enthusiasts.

Project Founder & Film Director illustrator Manager & Producer Live in Lyon. Live in Lyon. Live in Paris. Japanese Animals plants Traveller, film- artist/ painter enthusiast, travel maker, event lover, culture organizer, Cleoyamadaart explorer inspiration seeker mydao22ic Ckhoikikuc7| - my Dao - RON - Leo Mamada

Website: WHERE Email: FIND us? contact@theperfumeculture.cor

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