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Sheer Aromas

Simple. Natural. Aromatherapy.

À propos du projet

We often forget that the skin is our body's largest organ, and that everything we put on it gets absorbed right into our system.

Modern perfumes and colognes can contain up to 3000 ingredients which can sometimes trigger asthma, allergies, and other health problems. But that can be changed with the power of plants and essential oils.

Sheer Aromas is bringing you natural fragrance. Using minimal and organic ingredients, we create simple blends of essential oils that can be used safely on skin multiple times daily. The oils are cetrified vegan, Therapeutic Grade, USDA organic, and QAI approved. We make sure our oils are top quality and diluted to the correct therapeutic ratio. 

The product is available in a convenient glass roller bottle, which smoothly rolls onto skin to create an elevated moment. With a variety of aromas, one is sure to entice your senses.  Used as a natural, chemical-free scent, or as a tool to de-stress and bring awareness to the present moment. Sheer Aromas invites you to reconnect with natures orginal fragrances and to say no to toxic products. 

Currently available in 6 fragrances:
~ Lavender + Mint                               
~ Wintergreen + Orange          
~ Cedarwood + Balsam Fir               
~ Black Pepper + Frankincense       
~ Geranium + Lemongrass               
~ Lime + Ylang Ylang


A quoi va servir le financement ?

Production: Purchasing of oils, bottles, caps, rollers and silkscreen printing.

Design: Help designing and creating proper labels and packaging.

Marketing: Professional product photography and videography.

Ulule: Transaction and Ulule fees

À propos du porteur de projet

Born in a small town in Ukraine, I have always had an affinity towards nature. The idea that plants can not only give us small joys through their beauty and scents but also have healing powers will forever ignite a passion within me. Growing up I always knew I would be in a profession where I can help others. Once I graduated school and began my career as a Recreation Therapist, I was inspired towards a deeper calling. I continued to study and am now a certified Herbalist and Aromatherapist in training. When I first discovered essential oils I was blown away by all the benefits they have, and that not many people were even aware of them. As I raise awareness of the benefits of plants I hope to reveal the presence of toxins in our daily choices. My personal mission is to help others by igniting a deeper love and appreciation for the power of botanics.
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