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Revolution D100 Hardcover Edition

A new format for a great roleplaying game

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  • What is new and what is coming

    Let us use the weekend to talk a bit about the slight changes we have implemented in Revolution D100, and which you have already found in the PDF. The change in name from Life Points to Exertion Points has no impact on play, it is just to avoid confusion, as some players thought they were some sort of hit points – which they are not. On the other hand, there are changes which affect gameplay, too.

    The most relevant modification is the official alternate rule for Motivations. Those groups which are not fond of Fate Points can now use Motivations as though they were Consequences to boost their chances during a Conflict or even Combat. While less effective than altering die rolls with Fate, this method is rather popular among gamers as it is present in other game systems.

    A second group of changes is about balancing Advanced Combat and some powers. We have added options for reducing lethality when you score a critical hit. The game is still unforgiving when you make a mistake in combat, but the chance of dying because of a bad roll is lower. The Project Energy and Protection powers now have options for reduced effectiveness or a different way to bypass, to make magicians less invincible. However, if you want power users to be real badasses, you can still use the original rule configuration.

    What happens next? After printing the hardcover version of Revolution D100, we already have several titles in the pipeline for 2018.

    • Rise of the Yokai Koku, a Sengoku era Japanese campaign.
    • Wind on the Steppes, a rewriting of our short-lived nomad supplement.
    • Reed Moon Rising, the steampunk supplement we have crowdfunded earlier this year.
    • Guide to the Galactic Frontier, which will be on Kickstarter in early 2018.

    And Fantasy Grounds versions of all of the above and more adventures and campaigns.

    Feel free to ask any questions you like (except the one about the French edition, which is already in the FAQ). And do not forget to spam like mad about Revolution D100!

  • The PDF is released!

    Hello friends! The PDF with the clarifications/updates is now ready. You can download it from where you got it initially, either RPG Meeting or DriveThruRPG.

    As you can see, it is still the same game but we have changed some small details, for clarity or game balance, particularly in the Advanced Combat and Powers sections. The biggest change is on page 81 where an alternate use of Motivations for those who do not like Fate Points is suggested.

    Do not forget to spam like mad about this crowdfunding! We are not even halfway towards our goal and there is less than a week to go. But with your help, we will do it!