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Revolution D100 Hardcover Edition

A new format for a great roleplaying game

  • Mankcam

    I have received my RD100 hardcover and it looks great!
    Some good book candy to show off to my mates, and try and see whether they'll cross over from classic BRP to RD100.
    In any case I'll be using some of these innovations in my classic BRP game anyway, so they'll be getting used to some RD100 techniques pretty soon.
    Great work Paolo, thank you for taking the extra effort to release these rules in hardcover!

  • Alephtar GamesCréateur

    Oups! I had just written this on BRP Central and I forgot that not everyone checks that forum.

    The final file was sent to the printer after literally months of millimetric adjustments. We should have news soon. I would like to say "within the week" but i have written "just one more week" so many times for this project that I am afraid to make any statements about time :)

  • Brian R Houle

    Hello, my friends! Any news?

  • Stephan Aspridis

    Any news on the estimated delivery?

  • Alephtar GamesCréateur

    I am very sorry but it appears that we have messed up with the size of the covers (the usual A4 vs US Letter predicament) and the printer has not delivered yet.

    I will try to get in touch more frequently in the next weeks, until we finally deliver.

  • Rich Spainhour

    Any news on an estimated delivery date?

  • Alephtar GamesCréateur

    It is doubtful at this point. I am still waiting for the copies (the Holiday season did not help...), once you see pictures of the actual books advertised on Facebook and RPG Meeting you can expect to receive the book in a couple of weeks. And of course we will post here.

  • Rich Spainhour

    Are we still expecting delivery to the USA in January?

  • Mankcam

    Wow great guys we got this across the line!
    Excellent news !!!

  • Alephtar GamesCréateur

    We have added a FAQ about a possible French edition.

  • dox-2

    Le projet m'intéresse mais en français. J'espère qu'il verra le jour dans la langue de Didier Guiserix. ;)

  • Alephtar GamesCréateur

    On aime Ulule :)

    Les versions espagnoles et italienne vont sortir en 2018. Pour le français, on est en train d'y reflechir.

  • lionel RUBY

    moi je veux bien, mais l'anglais c'est pas ma tasse de thé :)
    d'ailleur que fais un tel jeux ici, il devrait pas plutôt être sur quick ou autre ?