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A movie of mystery and science fiction

À propos du projet


This movie counts a statement of science fiction and mystery placed in an epoch of the Spain of the dictatorship. The first minutes of statement have a "traditional" treatment until in the plot of the movie, an individual finds an old roll of movie. From this moment, the development of the movie continues across this old black and white film, where the chamber will be one more personage. 



During the history has demonstrated that the man is capable of committing the cruellest acts, already be for fear, fanaticism or for pure and simple egoism. It will depend on us that we are capable of being able to evolve and leave aside the darkest and violent part of our being and to show the most humanitarian side for with the neighbor.

This movie tries to denounce the violence that exists in the human being and it will make you think if at some time we will be prepared for the REDEMPTION.

A quoi va servir le financement ?


My goal is not to obtain the enrichment with this movie, is to move to the screen an idea, can human being live without violence? This it was my premise on having written this script. I have tried to do a minimal budget to be able to carry out this movie, in which, all the needs could be covered, so much of I equip like of the personnel that has interfered in this project. 

It is evident that a movie like this one needs a slightly major budget of the 20.000 € that humbly solicitous of you in this platform. We are lucky to rely on the support of several producers that they should contribute the necessary infrastructure to make this production viable.

We have the filming raised for August of this year of 2017 and think that the postproduction might be finished by the ends of November of the same year. And as part of the equipment of the movie that you will be, you will have the privilege of enjoying it in novelty in a relatively short term.

I want to mention that this movie will go out forward for and for you. Without you this would not be possible. You are the engine of this project and the soul of this movie.


Do you want to take part? DARE! It forms a part of this equipment and you were forming a part of this dream.

À propos du porteur de projet




I am Antonio de la Llera Guionista and The Director of Redemptio. Since versatile author I could have recovered many functions in the audio-visual area that they include more than twenty years of experience. My beginnings take place in the world of the cartoon where I have recovered tasks like entertainer, innkeeper, designs, standing out in Story Board's accomplishment for series, full-lenght films, and advertising. It is necessary to emphasize movies as " The delighted valley " " The Leader, the legend " " The Magi " "Barbanegra" " The King of the farm, of Karlos Arguiñano " between others.

Initiate my gait in the royal image as chamber and publisher of television. Realize my first short, an honoring to the qualified Spagetti western " When the Death came " remaining a finalist in festival LOLA KENYA SCREEN (Nairobi) 2010. 

Worked for the producer DesanimadosFilm, to emphasize the direction of the part of royal image of the cabezera of the television series of drawings " Lost bullets " 




Raquel Herrera besides model is a splendid actress who has taken part in plays and I lead the full-lenght film " Of The side of the duty "

Alonso Bernal is a great professional, between his interpretations to mention his step along "Myrtle" " Tell Me how I happen "

Julián Ternero is an indispensable actor, work in " High Plaza " " Father Courage " " Light doughnut ring with Chocolate " " Father Medina " " Connection Almeria "

Blas Repollés is a magnificent actor and great person, has intervened in movies as "Misunderstandings" "Anesthetizes"

Isaac Romo is actor, actor of dubbing, singer and writer of hip-hop, has taken part also in several webseries and diverse shorts.

Julián Candón has informed in the series " Sea of plastic " the full-lenght film "Poveda" and in the winning movie of 10 goyas " The Minimal island " 

It is the whole privilege to possess this wonderful index and I feel very proud to have the immense luck of being able to direct them.



I am lucky to possess Julián Ternero, that beside interpreting one of the prominent figures with the movie should help myself in the casting and in the actors' direction. Since the former director of the company of theatre " Maize plantation Theatre " the current director of the company of theatre " The jack-Pro " possesses an extensive experience in the direction, deserving of several prizes for the work " The principito ", is a great added value for the equipment.



Dani Mauri is a perfect Head cameraman that I take part in the full-lenght film rewarded in the festival of Malaga " The world is ours "



We are lucky to possess a composer very much talent, it is a question of Oscar Lopez Plaza known by his compositions for Iker Jimenez's program, " FOURTH MILLENIUM "



It is a privilege be able to have come hitherto, I hope that you share the illusion with the whole equipment of Redemptio and desidáis to form a part of this adventure to extract forward this movie, thank you very much to all.

Antonio de la llera


Si vous avez encore des questions, n'hésitez pas à contacter le porteur du projet.

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