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Lets bring a new plant store to Amsterdam!

Planthood. A place for plant parents, coming November 2020

À propos du projet

Planthood  is a service based retail space in Amsterdam, offering plants, plant care products, workshops, and community events. We are dedicated to helping people choose the best plants for their home and instilling confidence to care for their plants. With us, we will guide you from purchase to after care with our unique membership program tha allow us to build plant profiles and know how to help with specific issues. 

 Our commitment to sustainability  allows us to teach new, novice, and experienced plant parents about natural products, sustainable soil, and local Dutch growers. We aim to provide a safe and patient learning space for plant lovers of any level, and change how people buy plants.


What we want to bring?

Quality Plants

We want to make sure that our plants are of the highest quality and selection that meets our communities needs, if you have a plant that you are looking for, we will find it and alert you when it is stock. We are trained professionals who know how to handle, pack, and care for plants until they find their forever home.  


We built this company with PLANTMOM workshops and now we can bring them to the community with frequency in one local place and online!

Planthood Membership Club

 If you are a member with us we will create unique plant profiles and be able to reccommend plants to purchase monthly online and with our staff in-store. You can recieve discounts, on workshops, products and exclusive deals with a low yearly price.  

Locally sourced ceramics and home accessories

We are passionate about local products and want to ensure that while we are bringing green we are being green and lowering our carbon footprints by limiting our selection of products for a better world.


                                                                                     Community Events and Outreach

We do not just want to be a plant store, we want to open our doors to artists, creatives, yoga instructors, herbalists, and community leaders to have a place to meet, teach, and engage. 


À quoi va servir le financement ?

We need your help for renovations and starting up this plant store, in Amsterdam West. We have the perfect location in the up and coming neighborhood in Amsterdam De Baarsjes. This will also fund our investment in online sales and and expansion of virtual consultations and employment opportunites for women. 

À propos du porteur de projet




My name is Monai Nailah McCullough, I am a horticulturalist with almost a decade of experience with caring for indoor and outdoor plants. I was born and raised in New York City and moved to Amsterdam in almost two years ago and started PLANTMOM in December 2018. Blending passion and business, my goal is to use design and education to make plant ownership more sustainable and plant owners more confident, with a focus on urban environments in metropolitan cities across the world. I have developed plant caring workshops for the public as well as private events, installed plants in homes, offices and restaurants in Amsterdam and The Netherlands, as well as coach people around the world virtually and in-home/office for care and mainteneance of their plants.

In our short time we have taught over 1,200 students, installed plants in homes and business, as well as continue to be a green partner to many large corporations to instill health, wellness, and the power of plants for employees. I work with women to empower female presence in horticulture as well as diversity and inclusion the the business of horticulture. The idea of Planthood came out of my experience of plants and acknowledging that there was something missing when shopping for plants, sustainabilty. Not only in the practices but also in the way people are shopping for plants. My motto is RESEARCH FIRST, far too often customers are buying plants before they know how to care for it, I want to guarantee that the plants you purchase for us will be the plants that will stay with you alive and well with my expertise and trained employees. We want to coach you, learn with you, and support our customers, becasue that is what Planthood is all about. Love, care, community, and support.





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