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la série animée

À propos du projet

Pat Somers, notre jeune héros, est un enfant fragile mais intrépide, qui n'a qu'une idée en tête : retrouver la Rustine Absolue. On raconte que celui qui la possède devient increvable. Elle serait bien utile à Pat, lui qui crève au moindre choc...

Avec ses amis Stede Beaupré et Phyllis Archer, et grâce au précieux Livre de Bord de son père disparu, Pat se lance sur les traces de la légende.

Mais c'est sans compter Russell et Richie Price, ses ennemis jurés, qui cherchent eux aussi par tous les moyens à s'approprier le fabuleux trésor...

Pat Somers is a young inflatable novice pirate who craves one thing : to find the legendary Absolute Patch and restore the reputation of his late father Edward Somers. Legend has it that its owner would become puncture-proof ! It would be so helpful for Pat, for his plastic is so thin and fragile.

Along with his friends Stede Beaupré and Phyllis Archer, and thanks to the Log his father bequeathed to him, Pat quests after it.

But he shall not forget about Russell and Richie Price, his sworn enemies, who also want to find the legendary item, for a very different purpose...

Adaptée du court-métrage à succès éponyme, PFFFIRATES est un projet de série d'animation mettant en scène une bande de pirates en herbe dans un univers entièrement gonflable.

Son identité visuelle et sa simplicité s'adressent à un public jeune. Des personnages aux allures de jouets, qui évoluent dans un univers ludique et coloré ; des situations loufoques et des gags improbables grâce à un concept gonflable inédit ; une animation cartoon et slapstick pour une compréhension et une efficacité comique immédiates ; les meilleurs ingrédients sont réunis pour faire de « Pfffirates » une future série culte.

Adapted from the eponymous awarded short, Pfffirates is a series which visual identity and simplicity are aimed at a young audience. Toy-like characters, living in a colorful and playful universe ; zany and far-fetched situations thanks to a never before seen concept ; a cartoony and slapstick animation leading to an immediate comical efficiency ; the best ingredients are put together to make Pfffirates the next cult series.

Pat Somers is a 7 year old inflatable novice pirate, who wants but one thing : find the Absolute Patch to make his father a hero. Filled with energy and enthusiasm, he's always ready for adventure to reach his goal, turning his nose up at danger. Although a daredevil, Pat forgets he's extremely fragile and the least blow may puncture him. He needs to make sure to always have a box of patches within reach to mend himself. In addition to freeing his father from his reputation as a liar, the Absolute Patch would be a great asset for him as well.

Stede is 9 years old, and he's Pat's best friend. He dreams of being part of the Governor's garrison one day. He tries to be irreproachable today, to be the model guard of tomorrow. So he's extremely respectful of rules and laws. This sometimes makes him a little too moralistic...or a wimp.

A partisan of justice, he tries to make everyone see eye to eye, and this prevents him from making decisions or choices, for he doesn't want to wrong or offend his friends.

She's 5 years old, and she doesn't know what “curiosity killed the cat” means. Innocent and candid, she says and does everything that comes to her mind, disregarding the consequences.

Phyllis is a little girl above all else. She's trendy, and makes sure to remain the cutest under any circumstances.

Pat is her hero and lover: he's so brave and daring ! An astounding destiny awaits him, and she'll be part of it when she marries him !

44 years old, Richie's father and the Somers' family long standing enemy.

Russell longs for the Absolute Patch, but for personal purpose. When he finds it, he'll overthrow the governor and he'll become the most powerful pirate on Chacha ! But he needs Edward's Log first...

Selfish and deceitful, nothing can stop him from reaching his goal. Once pitiless and despicable, he can also be unctuous and obliging in his own interest.

12 years old, the son of Russell Price.

Richie is a brat and a little hoodlum. He keeps bullying Pat and his friends, playing tricks on them, giving them the spiel, racketing them or scaring them out of their wits, in order to get the Log his father lusts after.

He's Russell's right arm man, and he obeys him blindly ; whatever his decision, its right !

He's the law and order on Chacha.

He's impartial, though not always fair, and comes round to the majority. He got this position because he was born printed with the uniform and stripes. But he actually doesn't have a clue how government works, and he's quick to leave his position when things get a little too tough.

14 years old. She's Phyllis elder sister, and she has a passion for science. In her room-laboratory, she creates gases with various properties, some necessary to put in the ships survival kits such as the light, heavy, invisible or glow in the dark ones. And other useless, such as the smelly, guttural, or dumb-but-happy ones.

47 years old, Nathanaelle and Phyllis' daddy, and Edward Somers' best friend. He took Pat under his wing and he's like a father to the kid. He passed down the Log to the boy, although advising him not to use it if he wants to stay alive.

With a kerchief printed too low on both his eyes, Duncan is actually blind. He's developed a fine hearing to make up for this handicap, and he can “hear between the lines”.

The Doc is a young crook with a head for business. He's the one to see to fix a puncture, a defective valve, or get pumped up in case of low pressure. He also has painting skills and he can sort out flaws on a print, change a color, add patterns...

And if your pockets are deep enough, he can add medals, strengthen one's plastic, or even create a whole new outfit !

18 years old. Lloyd is Stede's elder brother, and the messenger in the archipelago of Chacha.

Lloyd is the only inflatable character whose plastic is thicker than others, which allows him to over inflate without risk : he can store up a large amount of air, and fly from a place to another opening his valve to propel himself.

They're the governor's close guards. They're not the sharpest knives in the drawer, and they're mainly underlings, but the governor glorifies their least actions, praising and rewarding them, thus making them appear like heroes.

They're complementary : one starts a phrase or an action, the other finishes it !

Swimming underneath the surface of the ocean are the Sharks. They are made of hard plastic, and they’re not inflatable. So they may be a hazard for the rest of the inflatable world.

Their bite is not lethal ; as toys, their teeth are not sharp. But it can be a handicap, for if they do not tear it up, they can puncture their prey.

The Volaïes are colorful toucan-like birds nesting on inflatable clouds. They’re also made of hard plastic and their big beak is a threat. Fortunately, they’re fearful.

They have no legs or talons : their body is set on a spring and suction cup, which allows them to stand on clouds with no risk of puncturing. Or even on everything inflatable !

Les décors ne sont pas encore dessinés, mais les références sont nombreuses : Chacha est une île/ville entièrement gonflable, métissage de villes médiévales et portuaires.

Comme au Mont-Saint-Michel ou à Eguisheim, ses ruelles étroites serpentent entre des maisons mitoyennes toutes plus colorées les unes que les autres.

The sets are not drawn yet, but there are many references : Chacha is an fully inflatable city/island, a mix of medieval and harbour towns. Like at the Mont-Saint-Michel, it has narrow streets meandering through colourful attached houses.

Les villageois se perdent (ou se cachent !) facilement dans les passages dérobés, arpentent les remparts comme à Saint Malo, ou traversent les petits ponts comme à Venise.

Villagers lose themselves (or hide !) in hidden pathways, walk the battlements like in Saint-Malo, or cross tiny bridges like in Venice.

L'entrée du port de Chacha est gardée par une énorme tour gonflable pour en contrôler les entrées et les sorties, comme à La Rochelle. La rade est bordée d'un quai aux multiples commerces, comme à Honfleur.

The entrance of Chacha harbour is guarded by a huge inflatable tower to control in and outs, like in La Rochelle, and the pond is edged with various shops, like in Honfleur.

Et au sommet de Chacha trône le bastion du gouverneur, qui lui offre un point de vue imprenable pour surveiller son île.

And on top of Chacha is the governor's bastion, which allows its tenant to have a great overview on his island.

Nous avons écrit une vingtaine de pitches au-travers desquels nous avons essayé d'exploiter le maximum de possibilités qu'offre cet univers gonflable. Utilisation des motifs imprimés, remplacement de l'air des baudruches par des gaz divers et variés, application des lois physiques...Voici quelques extraits :

We wrote about twenty pitches, trying to broach as many aspects as possible of this inflatable world. Here are a few examples :


Pat et Stede sont en train de pêcher. Soudain, Stede sent une tension sur sa ligne. Il tire de toutes ses forces...Le toit d'une maison émerge doucement au bout de sa ligne, qui finit par casser. Sa prise disparaît. Une maison sous l'eau ?!

Pat se précipite sur le Livre de Bord et retrouve la page mentionnant une île engloutie. Et si c'était là qu'est cachée la Rustine ?

Les deux amis sautent à l'eau...mais ils flottent. Ils tentent par tous les moyens de s'immerger, en vain, jusqu'à avoir la bonne idée de se remplir d'eau.

Ils découvrent alors un monde magique à la beauté silencieuse, et la fameuse île engloutie décrite par son père. Dans leur précipitation, ils n'ont pas lu la page suivante qui leur aurait appris que ce monde est aussi le royaume des requins...

Pat and Stede are fishing. All of a sudden, Stede can feel a tension on his line. He pulls with all his might. They can see a roof emerging from the water before Stede's line breaks. An underwater house ?
Pat grabs his father's Log and finds the page referring to a sunken island. What if the Absolute Patch was actually down there ?
The two friends plunge into the water...and float. They try to immerse themselves in all possible ways but to no avail. Until Pat comes up with an idea : he fills himself up with water !
They discover a world of silent beauty. They see the island laying in the depths. If only they'd had a look at the next page of the Log, they would have known they're entering the sharks' realm...


La tempête de la nuit passée a changé la conformation de l'archipel de Chacha : cette île que Pat aperçoit au loin n'était pas là hier. Et elle ressemble fort à celle décrite dans le Journal de Bord ! Le ciel est plombé, la prochaine tempête est imminente ; il faut s'y rendre avant qu'elle ne dérive et ne disparaisse.

Avec sa bande, ils construisent un radeau de fortune et décident de partir l'explorer, avec l'espoir peut-être d'y trouver la Rustine Absolue.

Quand ils accostent, Pat, Stede et Phyllis tombent nez à nez avec les indigènes. Ils sont d'ailleurs cités dans le Livre de Bord, et si le Livre les mentionne, la Rustine Absolue ne doit pas être loin ! Pat leur demande s'ils savent où elle se trouve. Et... oui, ils le savent !

Last night, a storm changed the layout of the archipelago : in the distance, Pat can see an island that was not there yesterday ! The sky is leaden, the next storm is imminent ; he needs to go before everything changes again.
Along with his friends, they build a makeshift raft and head for the island, with the hope to find the Absolute Patch on it.
When they come ashore, Pat, Stede and Phyllis realize they're not alone...According to the Log, the inhabitants are shamans and, if they're quoted in the book, the Patch must be very close ! Pat asks if they know where it is...and yes, they do know !


Voulant imiter son frère Lloyd, Stede a ingéré un gaz qui rend léger. Mais il n'en contrôle pas les effets, et le vent l'a emporté dans les nuages !

Avec l'aide de Nathanaëlle, Pat et Phyllis volent à son secours. Dans leur montgolfière improvisée, ils découvrent un univers inexploré et merveilleux. Les appels au secours de Stede les ramènent à la réalité : le vent souffle, et il faut le rattraper avant qu'il ne disparaisse.

Une fois son ami récupéré, Pat l'encorde à la nacelle. C'est là qu'il remarque des empreintes de pas. Quelqu'un est déjà venu sur ces nuages !

Stede pumped himself up with a lightening gas to mimic his brother Lloyd but he can't control the effects, and flies away in the clouds !
With the help of Nathanaelle, Pat and Phyllis fly to his rescue. In their makeshift balloon, they discover a wonderful and unexplored world...But Stede's cries bring them back to reality : the wind is blowing him away, they need to catch up with him before it's too late.
They eventually grab him, and Pat ties him up to the basket. That's when he notices footprints...Somebody had been here before !?


Russell a un plan pour voler à Pat le Journal de Bord d'Edward : il demande au Doc de le maquiller en Grim Skipper, le célèbre capitaine fantôme. Richie sera son moussaillon.

La nuit tombée, Russell et Richie deviennent phosphorescents grâce à leur nouveau déguisement et utilisent cette propriété pour effrayer Pat et récupérer son Journal. Mais Pat n'est pas du tout impressionné. Au contraire, il trouve ça trop cool et veut les accompagner !

Déstabilisés, Russell et Richie improvisent un plan B : ils prétendent connaître l'emplacement de la Rustine Absolue, cachée dans une grotte isolée, et proposent à Pat de l'y guider. Ils pourront tranquillement y détrousser le gamin...

Mais une fois sur place, ils tombent sur l'occupant des lieux : c'est le vrai Grim Skipper ! Russell et RIchie brillent comme un phare dans la nuit, impossible de lui échapper !

Russell has a plan to steal Edward's Log from Pat : he asks The Doc to disguise him as the Grim Skipper, the famous ghost captain. Richie will be his cabin boy.
That night, Russell and Richie glow in the dark thanks to their new paint job and  they want to use it to scare Pat to death. However the boy is not scared at all : this is awesome, and he wants to know more about the legend !
The two bandits don't quite know what to do but just want to get out of there ; they pretend they know where the Patch is, hidden in a secluded cave and they offer to take Pat there. They'll have no problems robbing him...
But when they reach the cave, they come face to face with the real inhabitant : it's the actual Grim Skipper ! Russell and Richie glow so bright in the dark, they have no chance to escape !

5 € : artilleur

Un grand merci gonflé pour votre soutien !

A huge inflatable thank you for your support !

10 € : gabier

Contreparties précédentes + un jeu de fonds d'écran Pfffirates

Previous +a set of Pfffirates wallpapers

20 € : matelot

Contreparties précédentes + un exemplaire numérique PDF de la bible de Pfffirates + un badge Pfffirates

Previous + the PDF Pfffirates pitch book + a Pfffirates badge

50 € : pilote

Contreparties précédentes + un jeu de 4 magnets et la carte au trésor

Previous + a 4 magnets set and the treasure map

100 € : bosco

Contreparties précédentes + un sabre gonflable Pfffirates + le t-shirt Pfffirates

Previous + an inflatable Pfffirates sword + the Pfffirates t-shirt

150 € : second

Contreparties précédentes + un exemplaire papier pelliculé de la bible de Pfffirates dédicacé par ses auteurs (5 disponibles)

Previous + a printed copy of the Pfffirates pitch book signed by the authors(5 available)

300 € : Capitaine

Contreparties précédentes + l'un des trois dessins papier originaux des héros de Pfffirates, dédicacé par son auteur (3 disponibles)

Previous + one of the three original drawings of the Pfffirates heroes, signed by its author (3 available)

A quoi va servir le financement ?

Nous avons déjà écrit toute la partie littéraire de la bible, le pitch, le ton, les fiches des personnages avec leur personnalité et leurs relations, ainsi qu'une vingtaine de pitches au travers desquels nous avons tenté d'exploiter le plus d'aspects possibles de ce monde gonflable.

Nous lançons cette campagne pour rémunérer l'illustrateur qui va s'occuper de la partie graphique.

Son travail est essentiel, car il va servir à compléter la bible afin de démarcher les producteurs, pour faire de la série Pfffirates une réalité.

We already have the whole litterary part written. We have the concept, the tone, the structure of the episodes. All the characters are clearly defined, their psychology, their goal, their role, their relationships...We also wrote the rules of this universe, along with a dozen pitches. But we lack a huge amount of graphics and designs.

We start this crowdfunding campaign in order to get the funds we need to pay our sets and characters designer, to finish the pitch book, print it, and meet producers with this document.

Voici comment vont se répartir les fonds de la collecte :

À propos du porteur de projet

Guillaume is a CG character animator. Thanks to the success of his short Pfffirate, he's had the opportunity to work in London and Paris, on projects such as "Valiant", "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire", "Narnia : Prince Caspian", "Despicable Me" 1 & 2, "The Lorax" and "Minions".

Benjamin is a writer/director of fictions and web movies. His latest shorts were awarded in festivals in France and abroad, and are broadcasted on national channels (France 2, Canal+, Arte).

N'oubliez pas d'aller visiter la page Facebook pour en découvrir plus sur les auteurs et leur projet !

Check out our Facebook page to discover more about us and our project !