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Pareidolia Gateway Coloring Book

The First Artbook from Wilfred Lee

À propos du projet

My goal with this project is to compile all my Pareidolia drawings and map out a way to create a cohesive story that comes out of it. I also plan to draw additional images to contribute to the success of this fascinating world. 

Since all drawings are created with just pen and paper, I'd like to create it on material that lets the reader ink and color on it as well, as an extension of creating the final piece.

What is Pareidolia?

Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon in which the mind responds to a stumulus, usually an image or a sound, by perceiving a familiar pattern where none exists.

For every week in the past year, I have started drawing with a blank piece of paper by creating random scribbles to evoke a 'Pareidolia effect' to my senses and enter into a state of 'Subconscious Creativeness' to draw out Lovecraftian Dreamscapes.

At times, it can be enough pressure to be confronted with a blank page, but adding a random scribble has counter-intuitively become an empowering tool in my journey as an Artist.

The experience has been like being part of a seance, where creating random lines, secretly creates a frequency for me to connect with, to show a small portal into this special world.

I get excited every time I dive into a new drawing, like an archaeologist sifting through the dust to discover artifacts. The results are diverse yet share a unique common theme about Dreams and the Collective Unconscious.

The story will revolve around the 'Dimensions of Dreams' and reveal it in a way as someone who's observed and entered it through sleep and recounting the images by drawing. It will have a genre tone of horror and possible science fiction.

With your help, I can create my first book and hope to create more in the future.

Thank you!

A quoi va servir le financement ?

I'm currently in preparation with AuthorHouse in publishing this book. 

Their site has several packages to publish through, and i'm looking to do the 'Fundamental' package, that has many great features such as: 

  • An 8x11 Paperback Coloring Book on acid-free paper 
  • Ebook version of the Pareidolia book
  • Online Distribution thru Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other book retailers
  • Registration to the Library of Congress Control Number
  • Marketing Tools and Promotional Materials (Bookmarks, business cards, postcards etc.)
  • And much more

It also enables me to upload up to 50 images, which would give me more time to create additional drawings for the final book. 

If you'd like to see the entire 'Fundamental' contents of the package at Authorhouse, you can visit:

I also would like to make specialized prints of selected pieces in the book, numbered, signed and available for shipping internationally for crowdfunding contributors. 

There are also great additional rewards via my Patreon. 

À propos du porteur de projet

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Wilfred Lee always had a curious passion for drawing. He later graduated from the Animation Arts program in Seneca @ York University, and soon left for South Korea, to get in touch with his cultural roots. Spending a decade in Seoul, he began teaching English to all ages, worked as a video game concept designer, art teacher, and caricature artist. He later fell into stand-up comedy joining the Stand Up Seoul (SUS) community and improv comedy with Seoul City Improv (SCI). He also produces music under the name ‘Sugarghost.’

He also created 'The Artist's Journey' a social media hub, that's in pursuit of the ongoing growth and evolution of Artists in all media. He's hosted Podcasts with international musicians, dancers, actors, creates videos, tutorials and continues to build a passionate community with his content.

Upon arriving back to Toronto, Wilfred has been involved with the Second City Theatre and does acting where he’s been a part of Kim’s Convenience and commercials for Ford. He dedicates his time in drawing and performing at shows full-time, while inspiring others to express themselves as well.

Official site:

Other social media: