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Okuda Vital

The school that wants to become a work of art!

À propos du projet

Vital Alsar School and Okuda San Miguel need your help in making the school as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. In order to achieve this, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule to get the funding needed for Okuda to paint the school building and turn it into a unique learning environment.

Vital Alsar, a public school in the suburbs of Santander, has an innovative and unique teaching model that we now want to take further by turning the theoretical into something visual. Offering a new environment to its students, more beautiful, colorful and optimistic, by renovating the school’s walls with paintings from the Cantabrian artist Okuda San Miguel. 

Initially, this was all just a dream that combined the need to change the school’s exterior with its admiration for the Cantabrian artist. The dream started to become a reality when one of the students drew a comic in which they asked Okuda to paint the building. At the same time, amazed by Okuda’s drawings, a student asked to work on his art in class. From this moment, the enthusiasm of the girls and boys at the school became unstoppable. They decided not to give up until Okuda turned the whole building into a work of art.

A representative from Vital Alsar got the ball rolling and visited Okuda’s exhibition in Santander over Christmas to hand him the comic. Okuda was immediately excited to join a project that the children had chosen themselves, in an environment that gives them a voice and develops their skills to be able to make decisions for themselves.

Preview of the school's main entrance

Preview of the school's ground



Choosing one of the rewards that we created for Okuda Vital, and thus helping to get the necessary funding to paint the school. Below on the project page, you'll find the details on how we'll spend the funding.



Pack of 5 multicolored stickers made of vinyl

Poster of 70x100cm in full colour on 300 gram coated paper.

100% cotton T-shirts of 150grs in different colors. 4 sizes available (S, M, L and XL). For children, please select S size. Be careful, suspense until the last moment: it will be the artist himself who chooses the colour that will reach you! (green, orange, blue, yellow or pink)

Cushion cover with on each side a reproduction inspired by the small format works of Okuda.

Coloring book of 20x20cm with 20 pieces of Okuda ready to be colored.



Decorative spray paint can with the image of Okuda Vital.Note, it does not contain paint . Limited edition: 150 units

Handmade cushion 50cm in diameter. Limited edition: 50 units.

54x67cm digital print on fine art paper. Series of 111 units signed by Okuda.

Okuda designed sunglasses for the Flamingo Art Series with organic polarized, anti-reflection and anti-scratch lenses. Each pair comes in a spectacular packaging that includes a foldable hard case, microfiber case, inspiration book, exclusive foil and suede.







CUSHIONS PACK Cushion cover + Handmade cushion 50cm in diameter.

A quoi va servir le financement ?

We want the exterior of our school to reflect how much and how beautifully we have achieved on the inside!

Both Okuda and Vital Alsar have a clear and concise objective: to achieve the necessary funding to cover the costs of the artistic intervention to restore the deteriorated aesthetics of the school and turn it into a powerful "learning landscape".

This intervention will take the form of "painting" the four exterior facades of the school building, turning an old building without personality into a container of educational experiences, colourful, joyful and a catalyst for new vocations. A public school turned into a real work of art, that can be lived and visited, placing our neighborhood as a reference point within the artistic routes of the city.
School, public education, neighbourhood, city and urban culture are the winners!

À propos du porteur de projet

Okuda San Miguel

Okuda San Miguel graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Madrid’s Complutense University. His unique iconographic language of multicolored geometric structures and patterns on the streets, railroads and abandoned factories around the globe have made him one of the world’s most recognizable street artists of today. Highly sought after for large scale projects, Okuda is perhaps best known for his conversion of an abandoned Spanish church aptly named Kaos Temple, which has become a new icon of contemporary art.

In his work, rainbow geometric architectures blend with organic shapes, bodies without identity, headless animals and symbols that encourage reflection in artistic pieces that could be categorized as Pop Surrealism with a clear essence of street forms. His works often raise questions about existentialism, the universe, the infinite, the meaning of life, and the contradictions of the false freedom of capitalism, showing a conflict between modernity and our roots; ultimately, between man and the same.





Vital Alsar Public School

The Vital Alsar is a small public school located in the outskirts of the city of Santander, Spain, that with very limited resources and within the National Public Education system is taking giant steps to surf the wave of essential educational change that our society needs.

Placing girls and boys at the centre of the entire educational process, our navigation is based on three basic pillars: emotional education, family participation and democratic management...

All this, with the aim of achieving a reliable and loving environment for the development of healthy people who learn from their enthusiasm and following an experiential, playful and cooperative methodology, to bring to a successful conclusion the formation of an integrated citizenship, critical and supportive spirit, committed to social sustainability and nature.

School's website:

End of the year 2017-18


Si vous avez encore des questions, n'hésitez pas à contacter le porteur du projet.

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