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She Can Travel Anywhere

"Encourager les femmes à voyager en toute liberté"

  • NomadHer rewards are arriving to you

    Dear NomadHers, NomadHer rewards are coming to you! 


    Dear NomadHer supporters, we have started sending you the rewards for crowdfunding!

    As we are having supporters from all different parts of the world, we have sent our NomadHer rewards to Asia (South Korea, Singapore, China, India), North America (Canada, USA) and Pacific (Australia) last week.

    Starting from next week, we are going to send the NomadHer rewards for those in Europe (France, Germany, UK etc), Africa and Latin America.

    Here are several photos for your crowdfunding rewards that you are waiting for!



    For those who have changed your address, you can always contact us to [email protected] to tell us updates that way we can follow you up.



    Join NomadHer community on IOS and Android!

    NomadHer APP has launched one week ago both in IOS and Android! So far 130 NomadHers from all different parts of the world have joined. You can look for other NomadHers, find local female hosts, curated events and information for your upcoming adventure. Currently, you can look for information particularly for Paris region but based on your feedback we are going to expand into 10 different global cities in 2020!

    #News 3 

    NomadHer Apero is coming this coming Feb. 1st @La Felicita!

    NomadHer Apero is coming! For those who have supported NomadHer crowdfunding, you are always welcome to come and meet other NomadHers from different parts of the world. We are hosting our first annual NomadHer Apero this coming Saturday on Feb 1st @La Felicita in Paris. We would like to see you if you can make for our first annual apero in Paris! 

    You can find more information within NomadHer App

  • NomadHer App is Live now!

    Dear NomadHer supporters,

    I'm Hyojeong, CEO and founder of NomadHer.

    After one year of preparation, months and months of tears, joys, ups and downs, so many things happened during the journey and I'm thrilled to share this news with all of you.

    #News1 :

    NomadHer Application is on Live Now!

    Download on IOS (Apple)

    Download on Android



    Thank you so much to all of you who have been in this journey, and your support in our mission of empowering women through travelling. 

    I'm from South Korea, a very special country in the world. Since I was young, I was always wondering about the world. Because of its geographical and political reasons, the only way to go abroad was either taking an airplane or taking a ferry to visit other countries. 

    This is just a starting point of NomadHer, but definitely the crowdfunding with all of you was a great start to feel the love and support from different corners of the world. Currently, you can find the information and contents in Paris exclusively, and based on your feedback and comments we are planning to include 10 global cities within NomadHer app in 2020, and 50 different global cities in this coming 2021. 

    It is time to shout out to the world, Feel the fear and Just do it anyway!


    #News 2 : 

    There will be a slight change in our crowdfunding rewards. NomadHer was planning to offer you a passport cover as one of the rewards, and we visited many places for the production for NomadHer passport cover for the material and the colour we want, and hearing the response that the colour what we wanted (green/white) were out of stocks. Therefore, we would like to ask for your favour that you would get "NomadHer mobile phone gripper" instead of a "passport cover." For those, who wish to get passport cover can always contact us to [email protected], and we will send it to you when we hear back for the material stock.


    Coming with more exciting news soon!

    Sincerely, Hyojeong

  • NomadHer application is on live IOS now! + Crowdfunding Updates

    NomadHer application is on live IOS now and updates for crowdfunding!


    Dear NomadHers, Hope you are having a great day in January!

    We wanted to give you several updates for NomadHer crowdfunding and application!


    Well, starting from the great joyful news! 



    #News 1:

    - You can now download NomadHer Application (IOS) with the following link to meet the world and it has been all possible with your support all the way till here. Thank you so much for those who have come all the way together from the starting, believing in the value and the mission of NomadHer: To Empower Women Through Travelling. We would like to get your feedback about the app! 

    LInk for the NomadHer IOS APP

    We will come back to you with more stories and further information when Android version is becoming available soon as well :)


    #News 2:

    - Rewards changing from Passport Cover to mobile phone gripper

    For those who have participated for Crowdfunding and who were supposed to get <<passport cover>>, we called and went to so many places for the production (Green & White) but heard responses that the passport material covers for these colours were out of the stock. Considering the reality and practicality reasons, we would like to ask for your comprehension that if you are fine to get NomadHer <<Mobile Phone Gripper>> instead of <<Passport Cover>> which is very practical and useful for your travelling as well. For those who wish to get Passport cover even though it can take more time, you can always contact us [email protected]


    #News 3: We need your shipping address!

    There are several people who did not write down the address that you wish to get the rewards, you can always tell us the shipping address that way we can deliver your crowdfunding rewards. Thank you so much, everyone, and don't forget that we are all worthy to be loved by ourselves.


    Sincerely, Hyo

  • Happy 2020 and updates for NomadHer!

    Happy 2020 and updates for NomadHer!


    Dear NomadHer supporters, 

    I'm Hyojeong, CEO and founder of NomadHer.

    I wish you the best upcoming 2020 and hope you got plenty of energy!


    We would like to give you several updates for NomadHer, that you have been waiting for!


    #1 NomadHer beta app launches on Jan.15th, 2020.

    With your support, we could have come all this far away! We have worked for our beta application for the past months, and now here we go. You can start downloading the NomadHer beta anywhere in the world starting from Jan.15th. The first city that you will find is information about Paris.



    #2 Your crowdfunding reward will arrive at your place starting in late January.

    You are from so many different parts of the world! Starting from Singapore, Vietnam, U.S.A, France to Ethiopia, Tanzania. Your crowdfunding rewards will arrive at your place, hopefully starting in late January, depending on the international airport delivery schedule! For those living in Paris, you can always tell us that you wish to get your rewards through offline events, workshops, events that we are expecting!


    #3 You can now apply for 2020 NomadHer programme

    Wish to share your passion on travelling? You would like to show around your travel around the world? Well, you can apply for 2020 NomadHer programme on, to be a blog contributor, Instagram Story takeover and Local Female Hosts!


    Thank you so much for all of you again, Fly Further with NomadHer, 



    - NomadHer Social Media Handle - 

    Instagram NomadHer : @nomad_her

    Twitter NomadHer : @nomadher

    Facebook NomadHer : @nomadher



  • 🔥We have just reached 100% goal Now we go further 🔥

    🔥We have just reached 100% goal with you! Now we go further 🔥


    Thank you to all of 152 globetrotters who have backed NomadHer. 

    We have just reached 100% of our crowdfunding goal with you! You have joined in this vision to empower women through travelling.

    32 hours left and it is not late at all to spread the words about NomadHer with your friends, for others who could not have participated yet.

    For upcoming NomadHer Application, you will have 3 major functions : 

    1) Connecting with other female travellers using GPS and sharing advice and tips

    2) FInding other female exclusive housing, and being connected with local hosts

    3) Finding events recommendation curated for solo female travellers.

    If we reach 150 %, this will allow us to provide you with better UI/UX and you can use the application not only in English but also in French. If we reach 200% of our goal, you can use NomadHer in 10 different cities for the next upcoming year and can use the application in 4 different languages: Spanish, Korean, English and French.

    There is no one to tell us "No" or Where to go!