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Help Mars release first album: Music for the Moon

Producing and releasing my first album, and realize the dream of taking it on tour!

À propos du projet

I am a harpist, singer, and songwriter who needs help funding the release of Music for the Moon -- my first full length album.  This album is based off of material originally titled “the circle cycle”, and deals with themes of cycles; the physical, experiential, spiritual, and the ones we observe in nature. 

This is me, Mars, performing at a recent concert in Montreal

       The Goals          


This crowd funding campaign is a way for me to reach out to my community and ask for monetary help for a specific project, something I am not afraid to do because of the love I’ve been shown in the past. So I thank you for your interest, and for reading, and for your support.

I have been so lucky to have had the time to explore this material deeply and develop my musicianship on the harp. I am filled with gratitude, the likes of which are difficult to express, and I want to bring this album into the world with as much grace and care as I can.

My first goal is to make up the outlying costs from the recording process so that my album can be made. WE HAVE DONE IT! Thank you so much for your support, if we keep going you can help me reach my next goals!

My second goal is to help cover the cost of the album launch, which will take place on  August 25th 2019      

My third goal will go directly towards touring the album outside of Montreal in the fall! Other places in Quebec, like Quebec city, Rimouski, Chicoutimie and Shawinigan are goals but it is the ultimate dream for us to make it to Newfoundland.

My brilliant friend and Mixing Engineer Chloé is also known for her music project N0rth. Her new album, The Rusty Queendom is less than a year old. We plan to join forces and tour our nature-inspired, dreamy folk music towards the Atlantic Ocean!

        About the album             

Following the completion of my music degree I moved to a very thinly populated island in the Salish Sea, in Coast Salish territories (also known as BC). I was living alone in the woods, and I was terrified to face myself. I needed to breathe truth and forgiveness into the dark corners of my memory.

Pictured above is me, Mars, singing on the first full day of recording

This is what this music is doing, it is singing into the corners of what I do not and cannot remember, forgiving and accounting at the same time; counting and releasing the cycles, the rounds of breath in the body, the experiences we revisit again and again in the process of healing. In the song Fears I sing “I am writing circles to relieve these years/so they may be freed on other human ears”. I truly believe in the magic that music holds to release the pain trapped inside our minds, hearts, bodies, and souls.

I hope that this album contains as much healing for others as the process of making it has had for me.

       The Work in Progress       

Three years after I began to write this material, it has been lovingly recorded in a setting similar to where it was written, in a cabin in the woods. From a small island in BC to Montreal and its surrounding areas, this material has accompanied me on a long journey not only inside myself but also outwards in relation to others.

Pictured here are myself, my fellow musicians Katy (on accordion), Emily (on banjo, voice, and violin) and sound tech Chloé (voice, percussion) outside of the chalet that became our studio for one intensive week in May of this year

We challenged ourselves to record 12 songs in 7 days and it was definitely a test of our energy and abilities, but we pulled through! Here is a picture of me taking a much-needed rest:

Friendship, laughter, and nature are definitley the inspirational elements that helped the recording process happen! Here is a picture of the recording team at breakfast:


Talented artist Aoife Baldwin-Maher is hard at work on art for the cover of the album, below is some of her work in progress.

Our vision for the artwork is to invoke archaic symbols like those found in tarot, ideally leaving the onlooker enticed by something uncanilly familiar, an effect that the music will have as well.


À quoi va servir le financement ?

        The first goal: ALBUM PRODUCTION = $1890      


Now that I am confident and secure in the production of my album, help me keep going to reach my next goal, which is to make the release night as SPECIAL as possible.

The first goal is to get the album out there into existence in its digitally released form! There will be poster art by Aoife Baldwin-Maher and a lyric zine to accompany download codes. Below is a breakdown of how the funds would be disrtibuted.

Mixing and Mastering (paying the brilliant folks who make the magic happen) is 55% 

Printing and Visuals (helping to bring the amazing art of Aoife, and the zine into your hands) is 18%

Outlying Costs from the Recording Process (things not covered by my grant/savings) another 11%

Ulule's Website and Transaction Fees are 8%

A digital distribution plan for the album (this will be a digital-only release, with all art on paper) is 6%

And postage of the campaign rewards is calculated at 3%


       The Second Goal: RELEASE CONCERT =  $3078       

Making the second goal would mean making the release concert a night to celebrate and remember! I want to hire as many other artists as possible to perform at the evening, and being able to invest in my artistic training would also be an immeasurable bonus.

Supporting this goal will also help me create videos and photos that I can share with all of you supporters in other places in the world. Quality performance videos and photos will also be an immeasurable help with future booking and promotion!

Venue booking for La Vitrola                              $150

Paying the performing musicians a wage!!        $300

Hiring a photographer for release                      $200

Hiring a videographer for release                       $200

Training in voice and harp                                  $200

Rewards postage costs                                      $50


= 1100 or 1188 with 8% ulule fee


     The Third Goal: THE TOUR = $4072     

Any funds raised above the second goal will help us to travel beyond the borders of the province of Quebec and take our music to the Atlantic Ocean! Below is a modest estimation of travel costs, anything above would go towards perdiems and booking!

Gas to get us to St Johns would be                  $520 

Ferry back and forth to Newfoundland is          $400 

= 920 or 994 with 8% ulule fee


If we go above and beyond fundraising for the DREAM TOUR, I will be able to look into hiring a person or team to help me with promotion of my album and future bookings!

À propos du porteur de projet

I am a singer, songwriter, and harpist currently living and working on Tiohtiá:ke also known as Montreal. Using voice, harp, loops, and my imagination, I strive to create a dreamlike state in which to tell soothing stories and bring nightmarish shadows into the light.  My music is best described as experimental folk, psych-folk, neo-folk, folk noir, witchy folk, or as a friend pricelessy said to me once, invokey-folky.

This album has been at least three years in the making and transformative would be the best word to describe it. It deals with the capitulations of life and the returns that we have to see again and again in order to comprehend them.

I have been a performing musician from childhood, with most of my professional training in voice. The harp was an instrument I fell fast and hard for, getting especially serious about it since the winter of 2016. 

Music is my deepest mode of self-expression and maybe my greatest gift, and the time I have been able to devote to it in my life is both a privilege and a blessing. I want to keep moving music through me and into this world!


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