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Transform Memories into Luxury Silk Scarf

Mont Kiji supports the Craftsmanship of Silk Scarf 100% Made in France

About the project







Beyond the design of luxury silk scarvesMont Kiji conveys an emotional value: our scarves capture feelings and retrace stories.

Mont Kiji conjugates with uniqueness and quality.

Inspired by my past experiences with the best craftsmanship around the World, I would like to make Mont Kiji the standard bearer of French silk craftsmanship, proud heirs of a centennial know-how, with a 100% Made in France: all our scarves are Woven, Printed and Made in France.

I would love your support to keep this know-how alive and to promote it around the World, by participating  in international fairs such as Salon Mode in France,Tokyo, July 2019 and Salon Première Classe, Paris, September 2019.


"You and your life stories matter"

With the Custom Made Scarf service, the customers send in a high quality photo or an artwork and the Mont Kiji team will work on the graphic part to ensure a great result. Customer will choose from three options proposed before getting the scarf printed by a French mills specialized in silk. This service will allow the customers to capture the important milestones, memorable moments in life, express passion or hobby, showcase artwork and offer special gift to someone they love.

"Mont Kiji offers a blank canvas 
           where you can express yourself"


"True form of luxury is able to 
           express your unique story

With the Personalized Silk Scarf service, the customer is the designer of an exclusive scarf. This allows the customer to be the owner of the one-of-the kind design, which will be his own and no-one else’s. The customer will choose a design from a collection. Then he or she can change the colors or add personalized touches such as initials, photo or artwork. 

"We transform your most cherished memories 
         into something you can touch and feel now


"Meaningful gift, gift of love"

The Limited Edition Collection offers seasonal selection of beautiful silk scarves. Every season, our designers select a different theme. For the Fish Charming Collection, we have selected fishes which symbolize happiness as they have complete freedom of movement in the water.

"Mont Kiji is about believing in memories, being happy in the moment, treasuring small things, and being unique."


Supporting an aging silk industry in Lyon region and preserving the fading artisanship in France is very important to us.
Allowing the customer  freedom to design and to order an individual scarf, one at a time, by solving the production issues is our every day motivation.


"We make unique memories, not mass produced goods"


In today’s increasingly globalized and standardized world, it’s almost impossible to find something truly personal and meaningful that reflects your values and ideas. We challenge ourselves to create a one-of-a-kind, individualized, top-quality scarves in a sustainable fashion to allow a special gift-giving experience.


"High end quality scarves, made just for You"

"Woven, Printed, Made in France"

Unlike other personalized scarf offerings, we position ourselves at the high end of Custom Made scarves, on par with established luxury brands for indivdual usage. All our scarves are woven, printed, and made in France with great care by highly siklled century-old artisans, of whom some of them have obtained the label "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant". All our scarves have been certified Made in France - Fabrication française by the French Custom Administration.



About the project owner

After 25 years as a fashion designer, I started Mont Kiji. My rewarding career journey includes working for Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Sonia Rykiel, and Emmannuel Ungaro.

I have spent most of my professional life in Paris where I graduated from the Parsons School of Design. Paris is an important part of my life where I feel at home, get inspiration, and enjoy the day-to-day lifestyle.

Mont Kiji is a platform where I can convey many of my interests: art, design, photography, nature and fashion. Further Mont Kiji will be a place where individual express and artists collaborate. 

Mont Kiji has been a rich journey, meeting all along people passionated by their work and enthutiastic towards my project.

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