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MISY - New Music Coming Soon!

Help me raise money for my upcoming EP and album! đź’š

Ă€ propos du projet

Ă€ quoi va servir le financement ?

Half of these funds will go towards the non profit organization, NoKidHungry, and the other half will go towards helping me fund my upcoming music projects and merchandise ideas! 

Ă€ propos du porteur de projet

Hi! The name is Misy. I’m a songwriter, musician, budding producer, and independent artist from California. Because of you, I’m fortunate enough to play music for a living and even though I don’t think I fit into one genre, I always find myself going back to pop music. 

For a long time I was afraid to show myself to the world. And in some ways, I still am. But I want to conquer those fears each day and I can’t do it without you. So thank you for being here and for listening to my poetry. 

I believe that being emotional is a good thing and can lead to creating beautiful art if you aren’t afraid to be vulnerable. There’s power in honesty and sharing your stories. These songs are from my life story, and I hope more than anything that I can relate to yours. 

Much love always, Mis đź–¤ 

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