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Save The Bees

À propos du projet

We are a sustainable, eco-friendly and natural beekeeping company, whose goal is to help integrate honeybees in our society while producing raw honey in the process. We partner up with schools, families, restaurants and hospitals, and manage over 100 bee hives in 30+ areas in and around Montreal.

The whole world is seeing a decline in honeybees and in honey products.

MIEL MTL is here to bring back the bees, and the raw honey and better than ever!

As Albert Einstein puts it, without our honeybees, humans would have a mere four years left to live. They are responsible for pollinating the majority of our crops, so of they perish, we do too.

Every year, we contribute millions of honeybees, helping lead the fight against the decline. Due to external factors including parasites, climate change and pesticides, bee populations across the globe continue to decline. Experts across the world are losing their bees, and this creates a huge problem for humanity.

It's more important than ever to act now to save our bees on a global scale!

Unlike commercial operations, we truly value the health of honeybees, and we are consistently working to create a better future for honeybees. One example is our ethical principles, which detail how we go above and beyond to practice safe methods with our bees. Another is our sustainability: for every jar of honey we take, we leave one for the bees. Furthermore, we are constantly advancing our research, equipment, methods and genetics for the beekeeping community.

MIEL MTL is at the forefront of the bee crisis, helping to reverse this worldwide decline. With your help, we can help save our bees together and fight the decline!

À quoi va servir le financement ?

Goal: $1000 

Invest in new health remedies for the honeybees

  • This target will also help finance new beekeeping equipment : new suits, new tools, and new hive boxes.
  • 1000 wildflower seeds planted around the Montreal area.
  • 5 new colonies of honeybees established


Goal: $3000

Create new varieties by establishing strong partnerships with other local beekeepers who help manage and contribute more honeybees 

  • help us have improvements to our office, including a special climate controlled room designed for raw honey. 
  • help us buy a stainless steel washing area. 
  • 3000 wildflower seeds planted around the Montreal area.
  • 10 new colonies of honeybees established


Goal: $5000

Help employ, develop and train new beekeepers to help save the bees on a local level.  

  • will also help further develop our research and genetic program, including 25+ specialty queen bees.
  • Increased outreach within the community, including schools, at-risk youth, and hospitals. 
  • 5000 wildflower seeds planted around the Montreal area.
  • 15 new colonies of honeybees established

À propos du porteur de projet

MIEL MTL was founded back in 2015, by Nicholas Melka. After struggling with a chronic illness, he discovered the healing properties of raw honey, and decided to make it his life mission to help save the bees.

With the help of his partner Phil Sedgwick, and a few seasonal employees, MIEL MTL runs smoothly year after year in and around the beautiful city of Montreal. 

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