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a new full-length theatre piece, coming in November 2019 to Berlin

À propos du projet

“Maite” is a brand-new full-length theatre piece from international ensemble Ulua(k) Teatro, bringing together full expressive masks, object manipulation/puppets and original music in a darkly fantastical, moving and comical journey through the generations, through the ebb and flow of one family.

“Maite” is our new and most ambitious piece to date: our first full-length own piece (not a commission) created and performed by four women - the four core company members - Nerea Ariznabarreta (Basque Country), Cat Gerrard (UK), Heleen Klooker (Germany) and Amelie Seib (Italy/Germany). We are joined by an amazing team of associate artists, with direction from Idoia Ruiz de Lara (Spain), music by Mariano Hurtado Bravo (Spain), costume design by Angharad Matthews (Wales) and set-design by Alessio Negro. 

As individual artists from different performative backgrounds (clown, storytelling, mask-making, circus, puppetry and street theatre), we bring our previous professional experience and playful curiosity to “Maite”. We bring together two powerful and enchanting forms – masks and objects/puppets - to tell a moving and urgent story.

“Maite” has a European flavour but tells this story with universal, non-verbal imagery that everyone can connect to on some level, whatever their nationality, background or language – something that is important for us, creatively and politically. It’s a piece that has brought the creative team together, across borders, boundaries and divides. 

One strong place where we find connection is with family. Our family stories. Together we have created “Maite”: one family story which we think points in many other directions: backwards, forwards and to the moment we are in right now.


The Story
Maite and her sisters, Paula and Nora, have gone through changes, as all families have. They’ve weathered storms, at moments they’ve drifted apart but somehow they’ve held together. 

But when their mother, Margaret, makes the drastic decision to sell the family home, something cracks open. Ghosts and memories start to seep out and the family is confronted with things they did not expect: some hidden, some lost and some purposefully forgotten. The waters start to rise.

Meanwhile a woman in white with an empty cage walks endlessly through the generations, in the space in between, like where the land meets the sea. Waiting for the bird that’s flown away? Or waiting to be released herself?

And underneath everything the sea, ebbing and flowing. The tide rising and falling. What will pass down the generations and what can be washed away as the waters rise?


What the audience said...
"Four great artists. They made us travel in time, in emotions, in the complex of relationshiops and at the same time tell a story in which the majority of the public was reflected. Thank you Ulua(k) for teaching us so much."
- Amaia Gabilondo, Managing Director, Garaion Sorgingunea

"I see the struggle between how we feel, how we are and how we want to be is shown. It is a reflection on being aware of how your family is in order to release the bonds you have endured."
- Itziar Rekalde, Audience Member and Storyteller


The "Maite" Team

Devising team Amelie Seib, Cat Gerrard, Heleen Klooker, Nerea Ariznabarreta, Idoia Ruiz de Lara
Director Idoia Ruiz de Lara
Composer and Musician Mariano Hurtado Bravo
Costume Designer Angharad Matthews
Set Designer and Technical Support Alessio Negro

À quoi va servir le financement ?

We need your help so that we can finish our project and have the premiere in early November 2019.
We have secured funding from a number of other sources and there’s just 3000€ left to raise. 

This sum of 3000€ will allow us: 
to create between three and six new masks, including materials and a mask-making fee (without these we don’t have a piece!) (600€)
to buy costumes, stuffing (for the costumes) and wigs (900€)
to buy material for the set and props (600€)
to transport all of the artists to be in the space at the same time, in the Basque Country and Berlin (900€)

Thank you so much for your support! 

À propos du porteur de projet

Ulua(k) Teatro is an international theatre ensemble, founded in 2015 by four women – Nerea Ariznabarreta (Basque Country), Cat Gerrard (UK), Heleen Klooker (Germany) and Amelie Seib (Italy/Germany) – based between Berlin and the Basque Country. The company met while training at London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA - now known as, a devised, collaborative performance-making school. Over the last four years the core company has worked with associate artists, on various short and full-length performances around Europe. 

Ulua(k) work to share vital stories that we need now, using the power of non-verbal storytelling – a kind of storytelling that comes from and runs through the body, that moves us and brings us closer together. We work primarily with masks, puppets and objects: all very powerful and potent forms, which invite the audience to suspend their disbelief, to join their imaginations with the performers and create something together.

Ulua(k) have been supported and commissioned by The Little Angel Theatre, UK (“Puppetry Pop-Up Rabbits”), Deep Roots, Tall Trees, UK (“The Man Who Planted Trees”), and Comune di Griante, Italy (“Impronta Cabaret”). We work closely with Arropaineko Arragua of the Basque Country, our longest standing supporter and now the company’s core production partner. We have roots going down deep in the Basque Country and we are now also planting ourselves in Berlin, Germany where the majority of the core company are based. 

Ulua(k) comes from the Basque word for howl(s). In the Inuit tradition it also refers to an "ulu", a woman’s knife. 

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