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Laloirelle: Beauty + Wellness + Sustainability

Traditional Chinese medicine + skincare technology, up to 98% Organic, 0% Nasties

  • 🙌 Good news! We won the Best Clean Beauty Award 🙌

    It's been a while since our campaign ended and we sent out the rewards to you. We would like to touch base and share a piece of good news with you.

    Laloirelle won the 2020 Eluxe Award for Best Clean Beauty Brand. We are very excited to be recognized for our efforts to promote clean beauty.

    Here's what the Elux Awards judges said: “Their combination of traditional herbal medicine with scientifically proven results gives them my vote for Best Clean Beauty Brand for the 2020 Eluxe Awards.”

    How has the Ulule fund been utilized?

    We have used the Ulule fund to hire a writer to generate content for our blog as part of our marketing efforts.

    Our Beauty-Wellness Blog gives informative tips for great skincare and healthy lifestyles.  Sign up here for updates from our blog.

    Read our new post that gives you 10 tips to fight dry skin in winter and spring:

    We hope you’re staying safe with your loved ones. Please don’t forget to take care of yourself!

    Yin Yin & Anita from Laloirelle

    Follow our Instagram: @Laloirelle

  • 🎊 Campaign Funded!! Thank you ❤️

    Our crowdfunding campaign now comes to an end. And we are funded! 🎊

    We truly want to thank each one of you for your support and for making this incredible moment!

    Cheers 🥂

    What's next?

    We will work on preparing your rewards to ship to you shortly!!  💌💌

    If you chose the reward options of the face soap or face oil, we will contact you to collect your choice.

    Stay tuned ;)


    ✨ We have one more great news to share with you! ✨

    Find Laloirelle's Luminous Face Oil featured under Vogue's Radiance Resolutions section!!

    Welcome to the ’20s! Check out Vogue UK’s first edition of a new decade.⁣

    Cheers for having our oil moisturizers in your new year resolution list 💃

    From the bottom of our hearts,

    Yin Yin & Anita from Laloirelle

    Follow our Instagram: @Laloirelle



  • 🚀 ONLY 10 DAYS LEFT! 🚀

    Our crowdfunding campaign is ALMOST coming to an end.

    Join us and let's grow the most impactful herbal skincare brand together. ✨

    We truly count on each one of you to share the crowdfunding campaign with your closed ones.

    Here's the link --->

    From the bottom of our hearts,

    Yin Yin & Anita ❤️❤️


  • 🌟 Happy New Year! 🌟

    Thank you for supporting us in a great year of sustainable and organic skincare.

    From the warm hearts of Laloirelle, we wish you a very Happy New Year!


    Yin Yin & Anita from Laloirelle

    Follow our Instagram: @Laloirelle


  • ✨ WOW! 114% of the Initial Goal Reached! ✨

    We've hit 114% of our initial goal and 5,375 square foot area of rain forest will be saved via the Rain Forest Rescue® program on your behalf.

    That's amazing! Tanks a million for your generosity and support!

    It's heartwarming to read all your kind messages and we are super pumped to go even further. We can't express how grateful we are and this campaign is helping us to grow bigger thanks to you.

    NEXT GOAL: 150% of our initial goal

    We've also received many customer supports from our holiday popups in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was great to have customers trying and loving our organic skincare, and supporting our products in the events.

    There are still many "early birds" rewards available. We'are doubling your area of rain forest saved for new distributions towards our next goal.

    Please, keep on spreading the good word of our campaign at the coffee break, after your next workout section, or at your upcoming holiday party. You are our best ambassadors! 💌

    Thanks from the bottom of our hearts,


    Yin Yin & Anita from Laloirelle

    Follow our Instagram: @Laloirelle