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Ginger Tipple

jeremy-7076 Antwerp

Starting with Ginger Tipple, we aim to use fresh ginger like never before to bring a new class of alcoholic beverages to the world and I hope that Ulule crowdfunding will help us achieve this aim.


In One Paragraph

It’s a new alcoholic drink, fresh ginger flavour, gluten-free and dry. It is naturally flavoured, coloured and carbonated, it is unfiltered, unpasteurised and unlike anything else on the market. Ginger Tipple, which is the first in a line of alcoholic ginger beverages, is highly regarded by drinkers and gourmets, and we need to expand production capacity. Ginger Tipple is looking to raise €100,000 to increase capacity and expand internationally. The aim is to sell 80,000 litres monthly by 2021 with a gross profit of over €1 per litre.


Ginger Tipple is made with fresh ginger, organic and exotic sugars, yeast, hops, citrus juices, mineral water and organic honey. After the first fermentation, it is bottled champagne bottles with honey and citrus juices and left for the second fermentation. The whole process takes about two months.

Ginger Tipple is one of the only beers in the world which is kosher for Passover and while this is an interesting niche and USP, it is a beverage aimed at the general imbibing populace worldwide, and those allergic to gluten in particular.


Ginger Tipple is currently produced in a micro-brewery in Antwerp with a capacity of about 600 litres per month. All of the work is done by hand. The future plan is to expand the existing microbrewery while possibly outsourcing production, starting from batches of 1,000 litres moving on to 10,000 litres and upwards. At a certain stage it may become worthwhile to bring production in-house into a fully owned facility.

Product Development

The basic Ginger Tipple recipe is a powerful platform on which to build other beverages. We are currently working on a dark ginger beer based on fruit syrups and a ginger kriek using Belgian sour cherries. Later products will include a sweet Ginger Tipple, an oak aged Ginger Tipple, ready to drink cocktails and softer drinks using Ginger Tipple.

A lager style Ginger Tipple is also planned which will be sold in kegs.

Market & Marketing

Europe’s beer market is valued at over €500bn and the gluten-free market is one of its fastest growing sub-segments. We are currently interviewing marketing consultants to develop a coherent and workable marketing strategy to make Ginger Tipple into a major player in the alcoholic beverage market.

To date, there has been a lot of interest in Ginger Tipple in the Belgian local, expat, professional beer and of course Jewish media. 

As a rule of thumb, the pricing and marketing strategy in Europe is to be 10% more expensive than Duvel, which sells a similar strength, if more mainstream, product.

Sales & Distribution

It is very early days for Ginger Tipple and there is a lot of interest in this new product. The current gross profit margin on sales to distributors is about 40%. As production increases and larger quantities are bought, especially of the bottles, this should rise to around 70%. The target is to reach 2,000 bottles per month by the end of 2016, with the ambition of rising to over 100,000 per month.

To date, Ginger Tipple is sold in 40 shops and bars in Belgium and Holland and online by Belgium in a Box and Belgiebeer.

It has also signed a distribution agreement with Van EcclePoel in Herentals which is an upmarket fine food shop with salesmen for its wines, spirits and beer departments. We are currently waiting for orders for palettes of Ginger Tipple from India, Israel, Italy, the US and the UK.


The business’ founder, Jeremy Sulzbacher a UK qualified accountant, does almost everything in Ginger Tipple. His wife, Shifra, helps with the sales and officialdom.


There are lots of beer lovers out there who unfortunately are gluten intolerant or coeliac and I am asking Ululers to help them enjoy a good pint.