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Jandraws Naughty Book

Small, sensual, intimate bedside album for you leisure. 75 roads to the realm of fantasy.

À propos du projet

75 carefully selected drawings out of over a thousand of my works. Each of them is acompanied by naughty caption to spice up the view. All of it in a carefully and professionally designed layout in a hardcover. I hope it will be your little Naughty Book that will kept as an intimate pleasure, as it is the first and will stay forever the first book I've ever published. Let us make it our treasure - mine and yours as the fact you have it in your hands will be a material proof of your direct support to me.

Each drawing is an effect of my search for non-verbal emotional expression in sexual context - both explicit as well as subtle way. My numerous contacts with fans give me belief, that there are countless needs which depends on the expirence of an individual, that's why I hope, everyone will get a chance of finding something for oneself in my Naughty Book. It means to be very personal.


This is a blank page for dedication, sign and - for 98$ option - for the custom order handdrawn piece just for you!

À quoi va servir le financement ?

This is for you. The fundrise is to publish as many books as there are needed. If you pledge you get a 100% to have your copy, if we gather the goal level. The book will be published after gathering the resources, so i guess I will have them in my hands in September and I will start sending them to all of you as soon as I got my hands on them!

À propos du porteur de projet

As I get many questions about my life I decided to give you a little insight

I am a male, heterosexual. I am saying that because due to my drawings I’ve got a lot of questions about it and many propositions from both sexes.

I am Polish and I’ve spent all my life in Warsaw, but I was born in Kerala, Ottapalam in India on 2nd of February 1983.

I am not married, no kids (or at least I don’t know about any). I am not a Playboy, I don’t like one night stands. Hope to be a father and a husband one day.

I was always interested in many things, therefore I tried almost all ways of art: I was playing violin for 13 years, solo and orchestra, I was playing part in a TV series, advertisementadvertisement, I was in a gospel choir, I love dancing and I do it still. I’ve learnt how to make traditional black and white photography, how to develop films in a dark room and I was pretty into it before going on my second studies. I also tried painting and sculpture. Oil painting is something I am going to practice again in near future to create colour erotic art in large scale.

I’ve got 2 master’s degrees one in Biology (2008) and another on my actual field of work – architecture and towns planning (2015). So basically – I am an architect, you can see some of my works herehere.

In February 2019 I have started my own business company Jan Kowalewicz – Pracownia Architektury i Sztuki, so you can get an invoice whenever you buy anything from me.

I draw almost all my life. My parents still have my first drawings done when I was less then 3 years old. I started drawing naked girls around the age of 9. Soon after that, probably seeing me struggling with the body proportions, my wonderful grandma Lilka bought me a Playboy magazine. So when I was around 10 I had some good references to work on. To be honest I didn’t draw better then any kid practicing that from time to time. I mostly drew dinosaurs, comic heroes and knights.

It all changed in 2007, when I decided I want to become an architect.

I had to study drawing to get to architecture studies. I’ve finished a marvelous school in Domin Studio 2009 after 3 years of learning perspective drawing. I still visit the school for live model drawings on regular.
Despite the fact I was drawing all my life, I rather count 2007 as a starting year on this field as this was my first year in Domin Studio.

I have always liked drawing human body because it fascinates me with the amazing amout of ways of expression without words. In my works I search for sexual expressions of unique moments and individual tases. Human body has extraordinary subtelity for us because we have spent milions of years learning how to give and take various non-verbal signals to reach our goals and satisfy our needs as a one as well as a part of a group. 

I know that I balance on a subject that might be very controversial, against of rules for some societies and may question on's morality. I think that's art has to move you from your well known ground and it has to make you question yourself by putting you in state of discussion. Sex is one of not many fields of life that are very intmate if not the most intimate one. It is why you have to stand on your own, don't let others decide what you need. My works can be disturbing, but I never mean no harm. I just ask questions. You make your own answers.

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