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A comics fanzine about tips and tricks in graffiti

À propos du projet



This fanzine is about tips and tricks in the graffiti game. While it won’t reveal anything that you can’t figure out by yourself with a simple internet connexion, it can take years of experience to figure out how to hack common objects in order to craft writing tools, how to hack the city itself in order to access any place, visible or invisible, or even just to realise the endless possibilities of this game where there are as many sets of rules as there are players. This is only a short introduction.

It is meant for anyone who wants to understand graffiti better, or just laugh about it, no matter if you’re a king, a toy or if you don’t even know the meaning of these two words. This project is not about telling anyone the right way of doing anything, as I don't believe there's such a thing in graffiti, and actually trying to follow the advice in it might break a few laws depending on where you live. Which is a bad thing. Don't do that.

If you have followed the blog before, you may have noticed that everything has been deleted and is currently being reposted, with many subtle changes: throughout the last months, I’ve been updating colour, text, fixing mistakes and redrawing the ugliest panels. This way, what you see on the blog actually reflects what will be printed. So I’m sorry for the spam, no hard feelings if you unfollow.





- 32 pages long, with 28 pages of actual comics, 9 of which have never been published on the blog. These cover topics such as rooftops, trains, "permanent" tags, ground tags, etc.

- A5 format. (This is roughly 15 x 20cm, or about 5,9 x 7,9 inches if you live in Liberia, Myanmar or the USA.)

- Risograph printed in two colours. Risograph is a japanese printing technology from the eighties, and I think it looks absolutely gorgeous. You should expect to have a small gap between the colour layers, kind of like on newspapers or old american comics.

- The paper will be Munken print cream 115g/m2. easy for the eyes, because you need these to move in the dark. It is not the greyish paper you can see on the picture above, these are just early prototypes.

- The cover will be screenprinted in two colours. There’s gonna be two different versions of it: a blue one (240g/m2) and one in freight train tarp. (That’s the lovely texture you can see in the background!)

- Simply stapled because the book is not huge and I want to keep the prices low.




Shipping costs are included in the price (as long as you live on planet Earth)

Disclaimer: buying any of these won't actually make you the king of anything.


STREET KING PACK - 5€ or more

A huge thank you + The PDF of the graffitips fanzine.

This option is here if you don't really care about getting the actual item and just want to read the zine, if you just want to support the project, or both.

While 5€ is the lowest price you can pay on this website, there's actually a cheaper option: waiting for a nice person who bought it to share it. It shouldn't take that long.

Also, printing and selling it would be a terrible business idea, since the zine teaches how to craft useful writing tools from common items. Sell these instead.


HOOD KING PACK - 15€ or more

A huge thank you + The graffitips fanzine, blue cover + The PDF

Hey, it's not because there's a freight train tarp cover version that this one sucks, alright? It should be pretty good looking.


CITY KING PACK - 30€ or more

The airbrush signed graffitips fanzine, freight train tarp cover + The PDF + A high visibility orange vest + A 4 colours streaker + Handmade stickers

The alternate version of the zine, signed with airbrush, along with some cool goodies. If you already have one, a spare high visibility vest is always useful for group activities, like cycling! The 4 colour streakers (red / blue / yellow / black- my favorite) are handmade, just like the stickers.



The airbrush signed graffitips fanzine, with a freight train tarp cover  + The PDF + An original drawing (18,2 x 14,8cm, signed) + The airbrushed original graffitips cover title (signed) + A copy of the cathedral print (signed and numbered) + A high-visibility orange vest + An assortment of cool writing tools (including a 4 colours and a phosphorescent streaker) + Handmade loiq stickers

This unique pack is here for an hypothetical wealthy Art collector with an interest in my work. Click on the links to see the artworks.

(If you can define yourself as a "street art investor", please get in touch with me so I can explain you exactly why you're ruining graffiti culture.)

A quoi va servir le financement ?

The money will go towards paying everything that is needed in order for you to receive a fanzine in your mailbox: this means the paper, for the pages and the covers, the goodies, the envelopes, and all kind of professionals: the graphic designer, the printers who will also craft the zine, the Ulule employees, and the mail carriers who will bring it to your place!

Whatever is left will certainly be spent on champagne-fuelled parties.

À propos du porteur de projet

Loiq is an aspiring illustrator and comics author.

Vie is a french association organizing various events focusing on Art and society, working with Loiq to publish this project.


Si vous avez encore des questions, n'hésitez pas à contacter le porteur du projet.

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