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A real help to counter dyslexia

À propos du projet

The aim of this business is the promotion of the EasyReading font through newspapers, specialised magazines, weekly booklets and any other possible paper format. This font has been realised as a result of a three-year certified research about communication for SLD learners and dyslexics. The realisation of the font through the "Design for All" approach renders it higlhy enjoyable by all readers either. 

Part of the collected sum will be dedicated to the free distribution (non-commercial purposes) and installation of the font for all Italian public bodies which will request it (libraries, museums, hospitals, region and province administration offices, municipalities, etc.) and their European counterparts that will show interest for it before the deadline. On top of that, the purchase of publicity spaces for the font sale to private businesses and large corporates is also planned. 

À quoi va servir le financement ?

all pieces of research, realisation, the registration in Europe, the USA and some Asian countries were made possible by private funding by the partners of this business. The current economic resources do not allow a proper quality leap in the field of communication meant to raise awareness about, and spread the use of, this ethically engaged font. Hence, we decided to start this fundraising campaign!

all collected sums will bring two rewards: one of moral value, as public entities will be provided with the font to ensure better communicative performances (the state of play in public commnication is of great discomfort for visually impaired and dyslexic readers). The second reward is more material-oriented and entails the installation of the font for private use on your PC and the donation of two books of the collection "Junior D", released by the EDIZIONI ANGOLO MANZONI and realised with the EasyReading font. 

There are four (4) possible donations, the first two of which amount respectively to 15 and 25 Euros. The rewards deriving from such donations will be the one or two books of the collection "Junior D", realised with the EasyReading font.

À propos du porteur de projet

EasyReading Multimedia Srl is the final step of research and studies in the field of publishing carried out by three partners in the city of Turin. The focus of their work has always been on the issue of high-legibility, as confirmed by the release of a literature collection for visually-impaired readers named "CORPO 16" and the collection "Junior D" for dyslexics, all published by the EDIZIONI ANGOLO MANZONI.  

Here is our current business today: