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Surreal short movie about dreams and dance

À propos du projet


Welcome to our culture of division! The most common division is duality: good / bad, white / black, conscious / unconscious, woman / man, war / peace, etc. 

I want to show this division and assume that the boundary between two opposites can be easily and irrationally erased. The dream is the place / space where these boundaries are blured and your conscious self finds out another part with a wider perspective. It is a pure feeling without numbers, nor words, it is body wisdom. 

As my main work is related to video and design, I decided to create a DANCING ARTPIECE that is free and unpredictable.


Duration: ~ 5-8 min

We are watching a dream of a dancer. Oh no! We are watching her real life. Is she even a dancer or she is only dreaming?! It should be confirmed in some way. Too hard to understand where it begins and where it ends. She wakes up ... over and over again and again ...

Our protagonist appears in different parts of the city, living the daily life in a fantastic way. Same way as in a dream, in my plot there is no direct relationship between the events that occur. Sometimes the protagonist sees herself from outside, but at the same time she lives it in her own skin. She can overcome great distances in no time but it takes ages to descend from one plant to another.


The dance is not only the corporal movement, but also the way the movie is edited, the actions that occur, the architecture that appears in the background, always following the dance of the character. I want to unite a human with the environment in a fluid and elegant way.

According to the idea of the film, the images contain a lot of play of light and shadow, static and dynamic, there are several stop-motion shootings. Lots of shots have architectural geometry and symmetry.

I think this short film could be an inspiration for the category of dance movies where you can enjoy watching dance styles inside the narrative, avant-garde story.


The main image of our film will be printed in the bags and posters that we gonna give away in gratitude for your donations. 


À quoi va servir le financement ?

À propos du porteur de projet

Oksana Pryshchepa (Molokolom) an artist based in Barcelona with ukrainian origin. Finished diferent careers: International Law (International University of Kiev), profesional course of Graphic Design (Design Lab in Kiev), Master degree in Advanced Design and Digital Architecture in Elisava (University School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona), Postgraduate in Motion Graphics and Postgraduate in Innovation and Design Thinking in BAU (Design College of Barcelona) and Master degree in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media in University Pompeu Fabra. Worked as production assistant, director of animation and graphic designer in Kiev and later as a freelance designer, video-maker and artist in Barcelona. Made videoclips, promo videos and graphic design for the music group "Cheetah Brava", "Zirkolika" magazine, events "Morning Glory", Lychee Film Festival, International Music Festival Artpole, worked as an actress for "El Row", as a director she created animations for the studio Novator Film ("Opuk"). All her work is mostly dedicated to the artistic industry: the festivals of music, circus and cinematography, dance companies, music groups and events. 

Kristina Orlovic is an international dancer and actress of Croatian origin. Degree in scenography design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence - Italy (2009) and specialization in physical theater by the International School of Dramatic Body Mime - Moveo - Barcelona (2013). She has completed her training in Italy, Spain and Croatia with seminars, workshops and annual courses in techniques of physical theater, butoh, contemporary dance and interpretation for camera.

After participating in several theatrical productions in Italy, Croatia and Spain, with the highlight productions "La Soledad" (2013), a solo of her own creation, and "The visitor of darkness" (2013) a butoh duo stand out; in 2014 Kristina co-founds the international physical and visual theater company “Ooops! Company” with the Swiss artist Nathalie Pierrehumbert, with whom she creates two shows: “Libre“(2015) and “Orphic“ (2017). In 2018 she participated in the play “Letter for a man” (2018) by the American director Robert Wilson represented at the National Theater of Catalonia. In cinema, she highlights her participation in the film “I love you fool” by Laura Manya and several Spanish series such as “Foodie Love” by Isabel Coixet, “Look what you have done” by Roberto Romero, “La Fossa” by Augustí Vila and “Let yourself go” By Leticia Dolera.


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