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The Debian Administrator's Handbook

D'un best-seller Debian à un livre libre

  • Raphaël HertzogCréateur

    Hello artemyev, the book is now available. Get it from

  • artemyev

    where i could get updated status on this book project? i'm really impatient to get my copy already! :)

  • robert miles


    I live in Maine in the USA. Times are hard with finances here but I have to express my gratitude and appreciation for what you all do.
    I am a debian user for three years now and it has changed my life. The preview chapters have shown me things I still don't know about.
    Its hard to get great source information with translation.

  • Raphaël HertzogCréateur

    With the release of the sample chapter (see, we have entered the last step of this campaign.

    Thank you everybody, you have been awesome. But it's not finished yet, there's less than 10 days left to reach 100% for the liberation fund. Feel free to use the free chapter to convince other persons to join the movement to get this book freed!

    Get the PDF here:

  • Tony Baldwin

    I offered to assist with translation. I am both, a Debian user, AND, a professional translator of French to English (as well as Spanish and Portuguese to English see ). Since Debian and other FOSS tools have paid my rent and fed my family for over a decade, it seems appropriate, to me.

  • Raphaël HertzogCréateur

    Thank you everybody, we reached the first target today. Keep up the good work promoting the project, we still have to convince many persons to support the project to ensure the liberation fund reaches its goal of 25 K€.

    See for some more information.

  • Fabian Rodriguez

    Excellente idée, j'ai maximisé mon don pour la libération du livre. Bonne chance et bon courage!

  • Andy Cater

    I liked the idea of this book enough that I bought a copy in French of the Lenny edition. Both of the authors are extremely capable: as a long time Debian user and developer I was very impressed and learnt quite a lot I should already have known :)

    Any new edition will be equally good: the prospect of an English translation means that I can confidently recommend a well written book specifically on Debian to fellow system administrators. This is very much needed

  • Raphaël HertzogCréateur

    Gregoire, we'll make sure anyone who contributed at least 5 EUR to the liberation fund gets a copy of the ebook even if the liberation target is not reached.

  • Grégoire Détrez

    Stupid question: if I pledge X€, all contributing to the liberation fund and then the base target is reached but not the liberation target, what happends ?

  • Hideki Yamane

    keep great work :-)

  • Raphaël HertzogCréateur

    Matteo, yes, exactly!

  • matteofulgheri

    Hi, just to be perfectly clear: if I donate € X and choose no reward, all of those X Euro will go for the translation and liberation of the Book, right?

  • Matthieu CHAUVEAU

    Merci pour votre engagement dans le projet.
    Bonne continuation.

  • Raphaël HertzogCréateur

    Thank you everybody, it's great to see you all supporting this project! Keep sharing the news, we're not yet done...

  • Manuel Jiménez Friaza

    Enhorabuena y gracias, Raphael, por tu trabajo y entrega a "nuestra" Debian. Espero que mi granito de arena ayude al éxito de la versión inglesa de tu libro.

  • jim-tuinenga

    I have been a debian user for several years. It will be a great plus to have the Admin book available in English. Thank you.

  • Michael Olberg

    Good luck with the project, can't wait to read the book.

  • Rainer Dorsch

    I hope your project succeeds :-)

  • Stéphane "Twidi" Angel

    Bonne chance et vive debian

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