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Darling Marcelle Jewelry

Fund a laser-cutter for making jewelry and get jewelry as a reward (in time for the holidays)!

À propos du projet



My name is Kaelen Van Cura and I make jewelry under the name Darling Marcelle. Darling Marcelle is eclectic, bold jewelry that is inspired by art because art makes the world a better, more beautiful, and happier place. 




After running Darling Marcelle full time for over three years, I am happy to report that the business has been growing by leaps and bounds. I've got a regular stream of customers who buy online and Darling Marcelle jewelry now sold in several stores in the US.  



The majority of Darling Marcelle jewelry is made via laser-cutting. How it works is that, I draw my designs in the computer and then I send them to a laser-cutter to cut the pieces out. A laser-cutter basically looks like a big printer, but instead of using ink or toner, it runs a laser up and down the material to either cut or engrave the design. 



Up to this point, I have been using an outside company to do the laser-cutting of my jewelry for me, but as Darling Marcelle has grown, so have my laser-cutting expenses. 

So my solution is to buy my own laser-cutter. Purchasing my own laser-cutter would drastically cut down costs to produce, but it would also give me more control over quality and I would no longer be on another business’s timeline. 


My own in-house laser-cutter will:

  • Cut Expenses. Outsourced laser-cutting costs is my biggest supply expense.
  • Save Time. Faster turnaround for testing new designs.
  • Reduce Waste. I’ll be able to just cut what is needed for orders and will be able to avoid recuts due to quality problems. 

À quoi va servir le financement ?

Currently, laser-cutting fees make up 44% of the cost of each jewelry item. Plus, development of each new design is slowed down by having to wait for an outside vendor's turnaround time. 



Getting my own laser-cutter, while expensive at first, will pay for itself within a year AND it will enable a much faster development cycle, allowing me to release new designs much more quickly and at a lower cost. 

That’s why I am counting on your support - and that of my other family members,  friends and customers to help me get over this hump so I can get back to designing and making jewelry for people to enjoy. 



The exact laser-cutter model that I’ve selected is the Glowforge Plus. It’s a mid-grade machine that will get me going and keep me cutting jewelry for many years.  The cost of the machine is $3995, which is my total goal for this campaign. Because this campaign is all or nothing - meaning that if I don’t reach my goal, I won’t receive any money - I have opted to ONLY include the cost of the laser-cutter in the total.  

Any money raised after I’ve secured funding for the laser-cutter will go towards: 

  • The cost of the campaign. takes 8% of the total (about $320 of $3995)
  • Sales tax (about $370 - 9.25% Thanks California!)
  • And to cover the cost of the rewards (variable, depending on the rewards selected.)


À propos du porteur de projet

My name is Kaelen Van Cura, and I am the designer and maker behind Darling Marcelle.  I’ve always loved expressing myself through fashion and in art school, I spent almost as much time devising my next look as I did on painting. I especially always loved how accessories could totally change an outfit. Years later, when I couldn’t find the spectacular accessories I dreamed of, I used the skills I learned in art school (along with some new ones) and started making jewelry and hair accessories myself.  In 2016, after many years splitting my time between boring office jobs during the day (where I’d often get hassled about my wardrobe choices) and making art on the evenings and weekends, I saved up enough to strike out on my own selling my own designs and I’ve never looked back. 



Thank you all so much for your support! 

xo, Kaelen

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