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The first sandals with interchangeable magnetic accessories.

À propos du projet

Have you ever dreamt of sandals that could fit with literally all of your outfits? I’m sure that also in your shoe rack there are sandals that look more or less the same! Just like you, I’ve always wanted special sandals like that, until one day I figured it out: I would create them myself! It hasn’t been easy: it took almost two years to realize the perfect pair! Now it’s time to start producing for all people who, like me, want comfort, innovation and design in one unique pair of sandals.

Our shoe rack is stacked with sandals. Some people already have a gigantic collection and still continue to buy more, thereby consuming a lot of money. When we leave on holiday and it’s time to prepare the suitcases, we would like to take all of our sandals with us, but in order to save space, we need to make a selection and leave some behind. My dream was to design a pair of sandals that goes with all the outfits to resolve these type of problems. 

One sandal but  infinitive models!

Changing them is so easy and fast that you can do it while walking in the street. Make sure to have the accessories on you, attach them to the laces and it’s done. Just like that! Now you’re ready to go!  You’ll go out in the morning wearing a particular style and during the day you can change styles as much as you want!

Here you can see how easy is changing the accesories!

Another important goal was to make sure that Clos looked like a classic sandal which we can use with or without accessories. They are hight quality sandals. Completely MADE IN ITALY!  The sole is covered by a soft suede to make the sandals very confortable, The laces are in suede and the interior side is in leather. All details of the sandals are carefully studied. 

I wanted it to look like a normal sandal. The innovative part lays inside: in the interior of the laces you’ll find  a strong magnetic system that allows you to change the accessories. 

The hook system is not visible to the eye and this allows not only to create a myriad of models but also to prevent the magnets from getting damaged after long usage. Thanks to this system, we can obtain infinitive combinations of colours and textures and the majority of the accessories are created to use on both sandal models.

Here you can find all the accessories we have made until now.  Each of them has a different price but for our backers they cost the same!  Choose your favorites!

We want you receive the perfect sandals, so if you are unsure what size to order, here you find the lenght and the width of each size.

A quoi va servir le financement ?

Your contributions will allow us to finance the launch of the brand. Our target of 50 pair of sandals wille give us a budget that we will use as follow:

              If we reach 100% of our goal we can continue working and improving day by day with new projects and designs. Your support sharing our projectis fundamental! Thank you!!!

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À propos du porteur de projet

I was born on the island of Sardinia and from a young age, I dreamt of revolutionizing the world of design in some way or another. I’ve studied Industrial design at the Universities of Florence and Barcelona. After a short period of working in an importants design studio, I decided my real passion is to work on my own projects and try to influence product design and fashion my way, so I start working on CLOS.