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associazione_musicale_orphee Roma



The Orpheus Music Association was founded in Pesaro in 1986, at the urging of some professors of the Conservatory G. Rossini . The starting point is the dual quest for ancient music to contemporary music. On the one hand the old instruments such as the harpsichord , lute , Baroque guitar , recorder in the recovery of sounds and styles idiomatic or the same tools used in contemporary works. On the other hand a careful production in the field of contemporary repertoire for harp , guitar and chamber with a progressive focus on new technologies and the combination of interactive tools and electronics. Pesaro The period 1986-1990 was a period full of concerts , which featured many Italian soloists , while the '90s to 1994 were added to the research meetings Summer Seminars music Gradara (Pesaro ) . Among the soloists who participated should certainly be mentioned: Andrea Damiani , Bruno Battisti D' Amario , Fragnito - Matarazzo, Anna Maria Palombini , Maria Letizia Pastures, Maurizio Barbetti . Among the composers we remember especially Edu Haubensak and Aldo Brizzi. During the celebrations of Rossini , for the 110th anniversary of the Liceo Musicale Rossini ( 1992), the first modern performance was backed Concert Joseph Malerbi ( master of Rossini in Lugo di Romagna ) for guitar and orchestra by the reconstruction of the manuscript kept at the library of Lugo di Romagna ( edition curated by Francesco Cuoghi and Maria Chiara Mazzi) .


The association has worked with a number of important institutions of the city of Urbino as well as the Choir of the Blessed Sacrament and the International Center for Semiotics . In parallel with the programming of concerts at the Choir has promoted the seminar on the relationship between music and semiotics with valuable musical performances by Gino Stefani and Luca Marconi . The collaboration with the city of Urbino with the International Center for Semiotics has since developed through the relationship between language and music with the Convention of 1994, where he spoke Nattiez , Jean-Jacques with the document " Text of Wagner's Tristan et interprétation du : une sémiologique question ? " later published in the editions of the University of Urbino. Among the concerts we report the performance of music by Giacinto Scelsi in the seminars on the item , in collaboration with the International Center for Semiotics .


The activity in Rome has had several collaborations: Centro Romano Semiotics , Institut français - Centre Saint-Louis, Fondazione Isabella Scelsi, MACRO ( Museum of Contemporary Art ) . Workshops and concerts have been developed on the figure of " Roland Barthes and the Music" (1996) and the visual poet Giovanna Sandri ( 1923-2002 ) . The meetings were attended by musicians , writers , composers , artists , music critics , scholars from different backgrounds . Recall Pine Paioni , Franca Mariani , Enrico Cocco , Luciano Martinis , Giuseppe Chiari , Alfredo Giuliani . Since 2013, the association has started a new project : " Todays Music" to Teatroinscatola (Rome), bringing together various fields of action: chamber music , electronic , visual arts , lectures, installations. The art project , directed by Francis Cuoghi and Maurizio Barbetti , embarked on a full production with composers from Europe, America and Japan. So in the first edition two composers from Dublin ( Raymonde Deane ) and Tokyo ( Haruyuki Suzuki ) had the opportunity to participate in the panel discussion on the composition of the present day together with the execution of their works. Todays Music it also supports a new internazioni Network : Internet radio , videos, documents online .


From 1996 until 2014 the association has continuously promoted Seminars Musical in one of the most fascinating cities in the Cusio on the shores of Lake Orta, Orta San Giulio exactly in the province of Novara. The activity related concerts, seminars, music courses , involving musicians, students and scholars . In various seminaries of Orta San Gulio and its Noontime Concerts have planned a full itinerary of musical personalities . Remember: Roberto Leydi , Angelo Gilardino , Laura Pariani , Caesar Bermani , Pestalozza Louis , Francis degrades , Roberto Noferini , Maurizio Barbetti , Floraleda Sacchi, Carlo Lazzari , Phoebus Guizzi .