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ANIMAZIONI 6 + Re-Cycling

The DVD collection of the best italian contemporary animation

À propos du projet

The anthology of animated short films "Animazioni" returns! After the success of the first five editions, the sixth DVD is being prepared with a new selection of Italian animated films: a curious overview without preconceptions about the world of contemporary animation art production in Italy.


Frame from: La nostra storia, Lorenzo Latrofa


In last ten years, Italian author animation has grown in its authors and productions thanks to film schools and some young production companies, confirming an original international presence. The "Animazioni" DVD collections have contributed to this growth by improving the visibility of Italian films and stimulating knowledge and exchanges between authors. And now, less than two years after the previous publication, the "Animazioni 6" DVD comes out with two innovative proposals: a special content, a second DVD containing the film "Re-cycling", an original Italian production produced by Viva Comix for the centenary of the birth of filmmaker Norman McLaren and a new production format: a Book – DVD that preserves the external dimensions of the classic DVD case of the previous editions but guarantees a wider space for printing texts and images.


Frame from: Memorie di Alba, Andrea Martignoni and Maria Steinmetz


Also in this sixth anthology, the orientation towards a European and transnational circulation of authors and productions is confirmed. The presence of productions, co-productions and collaborations involving other countries underlines a panorama of very varied productive situations: from the films of Italian authors who have their base of operations in different European countries to European productions involving Italian authors up - and this is the pleasant novelty - to Italian productions that intercept national funding and collaborate with foreign producers. The "Italian" horizon that is being shown is now becoming permanently varied and the "territory" of origin of the films is by now much wider than that which is traditionally identified below the Alps. The current situation in which Italian authors and productive realities operate has indeed originated in Italy but develops and finds fulfillment in a dense dialogue with the outside.


Frame from: Inanimate, Lucia Bulgheroni


The publication of "Animazioni 6 + Re-Cycling" is scheduled for early November 2019 and the official presentation of the DVD-book will take place within the program of the International Animation Film Festival "Anilogue" (17th Anilogue International Animation Festival, Budapest) which will be held from November 27th to December 1st 2019 in Budapest (Hungary).


Frame from: Le nozze di Pollicino, Beatrice Pucci


For fans of Italian animation, moving from the role of simple "fans" to that of co-producers we believe it is an important act of responsibility and trust in the project: the challenge is to transform themselves from simple buyers of a product to active partners of a cultural promotion project.


Frame from: Per tutta la vita, Roberto Catani


List of films DVD “Animazioni 6”

  • Mercurio, Michele Bernardi, Studio Grafus, Italy, 2018, 9'48''
  • Inanimate, Lucia Bulgheroni, National Film and Television School, UK, 2018, digital, 8'35''
  • 59 seconds, Mauro Carraro (Nadasdy Film/Autour de Minuit/RTS), Switzerland/France, 2017, 15'00''
  • Per tutta la vita, Roberto Catani, Whitstand Films/Miyu Animation, Italy/France, 2018, 5'20''
  • Alma, Michelangelo Fornaro, Italy, 11’31’’
  • Sono un poeta, cara, Vincenzo Gioanola, Italy, 2019, 4'14''
  • Planets, Igor Imhoff, Italy, 2012, 9'11''
  • La nostra storia (tr.Our Story), Lorenzo Latrofa, La Sarraz Pictures, Italy, 2018, 4'30''
  • Lo spirito della notte, Manfredo Manfredi, Italy, 2018, 12’00''
  • Memorie di Alba, Andrea Martignoni, Maria Steinmetz, Italy/Germany, 2019, 6’00''
  • Lo Steinway, Massimo Ottoni, Istituto Luce, Italy 2016, 17’00''
  • Le nozze di Pollicino, Beatrice Pucci, Italy, 2018, 6’06’’
  • Hukule Määratud (tr.Destined To Be Dead), Francesco Rosso, Eesti Joonisfilm, Estonia, 2018, 10'50''
  • Egg, Martina Scarpelli, Miyu/Latelove, France/Denmark, 2018, 12’07’’


List of films DVD "Re-Cycling"

  • Re-Cycling, Various authors, Viva Comix, Italy, 2014, 15'00''
  • Special contents about collective short “Re-Cycling”


Frame from: Re-Cycling, various authors


Frame from: 59 seconds, Mauro Carraro


Frame from: Egg, Martina Scarpelli


Frame from: Mercurio, Michele Bernardi

À quoi va servir le financement ?

The main objective of this Crowdfunding is the pre-sale of a sufficient number of copies of the DVD to allow to reach in advance the budget necessary to finance the production of the DVD itself. The secondary objective (but more important in a long-term perspective) is the consolidation of a worldwide community of curious people and animation enthusiasts who can be involved from time to time in an information flow that is always updated on the authors, works and news from the world of animation focused on the "Animazioni" project.

 Already published "Animazioni" DVD covers

À propos du porteur de projet

The promoters of "Animazioni" project are OTTOmani and Viva Comix, two associations that have been involved in animation cinema for years with an intense activity linked to the organization of events, festivals, meetings and the realization of animated cinema workshops. The activity of organizing the Festival was accompanied by the activity of film production (short films "Re-Cycling" and "Il bruco e la gallina").

Viva Comix Association was founded in 1998. Its honorary president is Lorenzo Mattotti. He mainly deals with comics and animated films. Since 2008 he has organized “Piccolo Festival dell'Animazione” in Pordenone, Udine, Gorizia, Trieste and Venice (Italy). As a publisher he has made several publications often linked to exhibitions set up in public and private spaces in Italy and abroad. From 2018 it has as its headquarters the studiovivacomix where there is an archive of drawings by the artists who have collaborated over time and an exhibition space.

As a publisher he has made several publications often linked to exhibitions set up in public and private spaces in Italy and abroad. From 2018 it has as its headquarters the space “Studiovivacomix” where there is an archive of drawings by the artists who have collaborated over time and an exhibition space.


OTTOmani Association has been producing animation film laboratories in Italy and around the world since 2006, developing an original teaching method and producing over 200 animation short films, meetings with image teaching operators and animation film authors. OTTOmani also dedicates itself to the diffusion of animated and laboratory animated films, developing a distribution dedicated to the Festivals of the world and promoting the spread of Italian animated animated films.

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