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Amira & Isra

Create |Plan |Do

À propos du projet

Finding a beautiful and yet effective planner isn't an easy task. You're most of the time trying to adapt to the planner bought from a regular store. Which it's pretty logical. Everyone has their own planning techniques. That's the reason why you can create a planner yourself. A personalized planner that supports every part of your life.

Moreover, that helps you to be more productive using trackers and creative stationery tools. All this in one box at your doorstep!

Everyone finds productivity important. You always go for that 100%! But we associate productivity often with study or work-related things. And we forget everything else, like for example: hobby's, self-development, relaxation, etc. An important part of our planner are the trackers. These allow you to keep track of your goals.

Question: How many times did you hear someone say that they aren't creative? Or worst did you ever say it yourself? In that case shame on you! Believe it or not everyone is creative. It just depends on how much you use your creative brain. Creativity is a skill, that makes you stand out. It’s said that creativity is the mother of innovation and innovation is the future.

Our planner that you create, has a black lay-out and drawings. Yes, you get to fill everything in. Colour, draw, paint ... get creative on a daily basis to get that creativity running. Don't worry about the stationery supplies because you will receive them with the planner. You get to choose from 6 different themes. Everything and anything to satisfy your needs. 



Especially for the funders we have a Limited Edition collection ( you can order in the rewards ) this contains:

  • Stickers: you can use them to plan and decorate your planner.
  • Totebag: a super-duper cool totebag, you can show off with. 
  • Start kit: the one and only Amira&Isra stationery kit. A pencil case, pencil, eraser, pen and ruler.
  • Photocard: that you can use as a bookmark, or as decoration.

Pictures of the collection will be online soon. So, stay tuned!

Digital portrait examples:

À quoi va servir le financement ?


À propos du porteur de projet




We are Amira and Isra (no surprise LOL) Since high school, we've been thinking about our entrepreneurial dream. But finally, our dream is becoming a reality. 

We both study Business Management Marketing at Karel De Grote university college. It wasn't easy for us. Many papers to write, websites to build, etc. A good planning was the key to succeed. Something called spare time, didn't exist. Our hobby's like drawing, photography, sports ... weren't that  important, but studying was!

We were exhausted after a while, finding balance between study and spare time is art. Amira (our planning freak) took a plain notebook and started making her own planning. She created a notebook that highlighted the important things in her life, like exams, tasks and family time. She didn't only create her planner but also her own planning technique. This allowed her to have more time for her hobby's. Isra did the same thing, but with a little twist. She used her creative side more, used more colours and drawings.

We are very excited to share with you this journey. A planner that helps you to plan better and to be more creative, and to give you the opportunity to work more on yourself. 

We can't wait to see your creations. 


Amira & Isra. 

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