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C'est presque l'heure de la récré !

Travail sérieux, poursuivez les efforts

Happy New Year + News !!

Dear contributors, happy new year 2020 FM!


It's been almost a month since we reached the goal thanks to your support!

We take this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year and thank you again!

The EP mixes have just been completed, and the EP is going to the mastering ...!

So here are a few details about your gifts :

First, please answer us by indicating your postal address to receive your package because we do not have everyone's addresses.

If you do not wish to receive your gifts, please also let us know (but do not deprive yourself above all!)

Finally, we should be able to meet the deadlines for most gifts (March) : the song dedication, the EP in digital version, the EP on the USBoom Box key, the "bAAM du poto", the "pastis de la plaine" and the "jeu de boule" ;-)

Concerning the Apéro Mario Kart at 21 rue Montgrand, Marseille, this should also happen at the beginning of March, the date is still to be defined but it will probably be a Saturday from 6 to 9 p.m.

The date of the release party is also to be defined, we think of the month of June.

Finally, the match at the Vélodrome should also take place towards June !

We will keep you posted quickly, and above all thank you again!

Do not hesitate to follow us on the networks if not already done so as not to miss anything of our news!



Kisses to all!